Hubby has flu!

Well, it's either flu or a really bad cold, but he really is in a state bless him, and shivery, raised temp and with loads of coughing and sneezing!

I am just so tired from looking after him as I can barely look after myself atm. (To give him his due he is making a big effor to look after himself but i just want hi to get better quick!)

The worst of it is, that with only 11 days to go untill babba's due date I am so paranoid that he will arrive while hubby is still ill and that he won't be allowed into the delivery room because of his germs and miss the birth. I just couldn't bear it if that was the case. :cry: I am also equally worried about cathcing the illness myself as we don't have a usuable spare bed atm. and there is no way either of us could sleep on the sofa in our conditions so I have to be around the germs all night! GRR!

Tot top it off I'm just sooo tired as I can hardly sleep at night as I really need to 'splay out' to get comfy so rely on having time once hubby has got up to catch up on sleep, but of course he now needs to be in bed so I am downstairs on here instead feeling tired, worried and wondering how I can get through the day without totally wearing myself out!

Like I said hubby is still pretty good about doing a certain ammount for himself, but I just want him to get better quickly and it's the last thing I need right now! :cry:

Sorry, I just needed somewhere to vent!


  • I know exactly how your hubby feels bless him , Ive got that at the mo!! its horrible hope you are all okay soon and enjoy your birth xx
  • Oh god, you poor things. So sorry he feels ill and I totally understand your worries too! I qm paranoid around ill people at the moment!

    I hope you don't catch it and he gets better really quick and your delivery is smooth and he can be there to share it with you.

    Niblett xxxxx
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