Brilliant Valentine's Present!!!

Morning all!

Hubby got me an Angelsounds Doppler!!!!!!!!!!! How did he know to get me one of these!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Its FAB and we've already had a go and listened to baby Angus's heartbeat! We heard him moving / swimming LOADS and he got the hiccups while we were listening too!!!!!

That's a HUGE amount of hubby points today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all have fantastic days!

Joo xxx


  • Awwwww he should get atleast 10 hubby points, thats such a sweet gift.
  • Awww your hubby is so cute!
    If all is ok at my scan on Monday I'm going to get one of these too. x
  • Awwwww, thats soo nice xx
  • that is such a sweet idea. he defo gets lots of hubbie points....

  • Hi Joo

    What a coincidence, my hubby got me a doppler too. We spent this morning chasing heartbeats around my tummy but managed to find both of them several times and both are at approx 146 bpm. It was great. Hubby joked that I'll be waking up in the night to find him poking around my tummy with the doppler having a play!
  • Yeah,

    lucky you girl. My hubby went to play golf in the morning and came back very tired. in the afternoon when I went for 24weeks 3d scan, he cudnt come with cos he was too tired. that was my valentines dear.
    Am getting used to it.
    happy valentines day!
  • you are lucky joo!! i got nothing as usuall but i didn't get him anything either!lol
    also my oh wouldn't have the imagination to get me something like that!!lol
  • that is such a great present hun. xxx
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