advice please shrinking bump

hi, i'm 33+4 and today i've noticed that my bump looks smaller then it has done. I've not noticed that i've been leaking, but have been quite wet (sorry tmi) for the last couple of days, I've got an appointment with my mw tomorrow afternoon, but just wondered if anyone else's bump has seemed smaller, i don't think my bump has dropped because it still seems high. Asked dh what he thought and he said i'm just worried about something going wrong (i had 2 mc last year so have been pretty worried most of the time). Pip's still moving about a lot so i'm not worried from that point of view just my bump being smaller.
Any advice/ experiences would be fab


  • my mum ( who was a midwife, donkeys ago!) said that to me when i was later in my pregnancy prob about 35/36 wks. she said that you can loose weight in yourself. i don't know how or why and to be honest i never noticed myself i had a huge bump, not huge baby, so all water apparently! try not to worry it's good you've an appointment tmrw and your midwife can put you at ease... all the best
  • hi, i can't believe i'm 33 weeks either, but then how old is your young lady now???
    I think my mw will be sick of me going to her with wories, but then she's so lovely she never complains, hope your doing well
  • Hi girlinleeds,
    my bump somtimes seems smaller than others depends on how she is laying if she is head down you may seem smaller,
    i also have wetness down below lol,
    let me know what your midwife says about that
    emma 29+6 xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi girls,
    about the wet feeling down below, i had this with my last pregnancy at around 35/36 weeks and was convinced i was losing amniotic fluid but after visiting the hospital turns out it was thrush which is very common in pregnancy and can form alot of liquid which leaves the body in a dripping form.
    Your midwife will be able to tell if the liquid is amniotic fluid just from looking at it. Amniotic fluid should be clear not cloudy or bloody.
    Hope this helps, good luck at the appointment girlinleeds

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