How far along am I?

Just back from the doctors and have a confirmed pregnancy now woo hoo.
Not sure how far along I am, as at the bedining of Dec (afer a 44 days cycle) I had a spotting bleed for about a day or so. The nurse seems to think I could be 10 weeks or so as the bleed could have been the implatation bleed which happeds roughly at 6 weeks (which would tie in with 44 days).
I'm going to the doctor on Monday so get a booking in scan arragned. So should hopefully know soon how far along I am, I'm either 10 weeks or 4 weeks who knows


  • Good luck! It's always nicer to think youre a little further on. I found out when I was only 3 + 6 and this has been the longest pregnancy ever!
  • I really do hope I'm further along, god knows how long it will take for me to get a scan tho' what with everything cloesing down at the New Year. I think it will be sometime middle of Jan which seems far away if I am 10 weeks although I really think I'm only about 4
  • When did you do the test and how strong was the line i did a test at 4 weeks and it was only a very feint line.
  • I dunno cos I was 3+3 when I tested and it was a very strong line. That is a long time to wait if u are 10 weeks! Thing is, without a scan I'm not sure how else you can tell. x
  • Have you had any symptoms at all like tiredness or morning sickness.
  • congratulations on finding out you are pregnant,
    i was glad when i was told i was further on then i thought, although this pregnancy is still going really slow lol,
    good luck in your pregnancy xxx

  • Hey everyone, well on the cheap Ebay ones the line was very faint, but on the ASDA's own the line was darker than the results line.
    I've got the doctor on Monday, so I'll guess I'll find out what happening then. The nurse said I would get an early scan but that could take ages, couldn't it.

    This is my 2nd baby, so I know I'm pregnant I am shattered but I would say I've been tired for a while now.

  • sounds to me like you could be as far as 10 weeks.

    good luck
  • according to what i have read implantation bleeding (bleeding only rarely happens) occurs 7-10 days after fertilisation-it take this long for the egg to travel down and implant in the womb. if it was 6 weeks-why do people get positive hcgs at 4 weeks-as hcg is released only when egg implants-just a thought!
  • You might be suprised at how quickly you get your scan. Don't asume that they won't be open over the new year as I have my dating scan tommorow (new years eve!) I nearly pmsl when the appointment came through!
    I seem to get what the doctor and midwife refer to implantation bleeding at 6 weeks. I had it last time round when I was pregnant with my daughter and I had exactly the same this time.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy, how old is your first?
  • I had the same prob. I had a suspected m/c in sept but didnt take a test after. Now I am preg again but had a small bleed 10 weeks ago which the doctor has taken as a period. The thing is i can feel kicking and movements already and am getting quite big. I could be about 14 weeks or if the m/c wasnt a m/c I could be as much as 16 weeks. The trouble is I dont get sick or anything and this is my third 4th or 5th pregnancy. (I have two children)
  • Hey Bedhead, my little girl is only 8 months! I dont know what I'm letting myself in for but I'm sure I'll be fine.
    I hope I get the scan soon then as I'm desperate to know.
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