im measuring too big!!!

hi girlies,

Im 27 weeks and my midwife told me im measuring 30weeks, this freaked me a litlle bit i have got the gestational diabetes test in a week to see if its that!
Have any of you had this should i be worried?


  • i was measuring 4 cm above every time i went, nothing major to worry about chick. i had the gtt test aswell i was fine but i was told i have polyhydraminos, which is basically where im carryin extra amniotic fluid makin my bump that much bigger. but the only thing about having tht is u cud pop just a lil earlier due to ur body not bein able to carry the water or something like that.
    im sure all is well hun but good luck with ur test anyway image ( starving urself for it tho wasnt very emjoyablel for me lol )
    Lisa + Bump
    37 +6 xx
  • hi hun,i was measuring couple of weeks bigger when i saw my mw last but from the last scan i had with my consultant he said all was fine and nothing to worry about.he said im carrying a good sized baby which is better than it being too small!kinda expecting a big baby as my daughter was just under 9lb!its ok 4 men to say its better to be big int it,they rnt pushing it out!!lol

  • yeah my man thinks its great im gonna have a 9lb er! erm i think not this is my 1st and im dreading ripping or even being cut.
    Im also dreading the fasting before my gtt test cos i always need something 1st thing in the morning.
    well il keep you updated to see what the test and the consultant says
  • my daughter was my 1st so was shocked that she was nearly 9lb!wonder what this 1 will weigh!!she was measuring just under 4lb at a scan at 30 wks!i know i need my food 2,i gotta go in hospital in 4 wks n got 2 fast frm 12 night b4,how horrible!!!yea keep us upd8ed!

  • hi gempot,
    I am also measuring 3 weeks bigger but at my scan last monday everything is looking normal. I'm also expecting a 9Ibs plus baby as my first was also an oz under 9Ibs!
    It much nicer to have a chunky baby, my son was nice and solid.
    Good luck and keep us posted.
    Debs 33+5 xxxxx
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