i was in hospital friday with a uti

hi girls
on friday i had really painfull pains in my back and stomach so bad that it took my breath of and then i passed out about 10mins later i was sick and then i stumbeled to phone my husband to come back from shopping in asda and then i called the hospital.they told me it might be a water infection { although i thought i was going in early labour }and ring the gp i went to see my gp and he sent me to hospital to be checked over.it turns out i did have a uti and now imm on antibotics so it was a really scarey day.
now im really scared for the big day as i think i wont cope but im sure ill be ok.lol


  • Hi Diana, glad that you have it sorted now! Good job you didn't do any damage when you passed out! Sure you will be fine when the big day comes, lol. Tammi xxx
    20 days to go!!!
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