What is this?? Help Please.

3 times today i have been brought to tears by a shooting swirling atabby type pain that goes right upmy vagina around my back to cccoyx and around my bum hole. (sorry) it feels like a heavy pushing sensation in the bottom area. then after about 10mins it goes. i have got spd but this feels totally ifferent. theres no dischrge/fluid/blood etc. kicking about as normal. he is a big baby as i found out yesterday somaybe he is just pushing his way down but its really really painful. i feel really emotional and weepy tonight anyway so its not helping. any idea what it can be? xxxxxx


  • hi arygal!
    it is quite normal to get shooting pains up your bits! not very comfortable at all are they!!
    do you think he could be lying on a nerve too? if it stays a while, try changing position to see if you can shift him. that could make it better!!
  • I get this alot, I freak oh out sometimes as it makes me shout out it hurts that bad!!! its just bubs twisting and turning and all the pressure. Prob cause he is big your feeling it bad.

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