Hi ladies,

I was just wondering how many of you were smokers before you got pregnant and how you gave up?

I was quite a heavy smoker but as soon as I got my BFP I lit up a fag as I was so over excited and I haven't smoked since that one ciggi, I'm now 13 weeks and have started craving again, I know I won't actaully smoke but I don't understand why these cravings have come back.

Anyone else had this problem?



  • I've never really smoked but I know what u mean, I feel the same about drinking. I used to drink loads a few years ago but stopped drinking altogether, I didn't miss it at all but now I'm pregnant I kinda do!

    Just stay strong...x
  • Hiya Caz....
    Firstly a huge well done on quitting.
    I was a really heavy smoker and always said the only time I would give up is if I was pregnant. It took me over a week after getting my BFP to seriously try and stop. I havn't quit totally but I only smoke 1 an evening now. I have tried not to but find it really difficult after my dinner. I get told by people I shouldn't be doing it and it really pisses me off as I know what I'm doing is wrong but getting told by an overweight 60 year old stranger who's obvioulsy had a few to drink( just one example) really dosn't help me!!!!!

    If you've managed this far without a singe cigarette I'm sure you'll get over the cravings again.x x x

  • Hi caz, I have had my baby she is now 4 1/2 months old and i was exactly the same as you, i smoked up until i was 6 weeks pregnant and then i just thought i shouldnt be doing this and this is the only time i will give up so i have to give it a go. And to this day over a year i havent had a cig and i feel soooooo much better for it! I still get cravings and i did when i was pregnant but i knew i didnt want to smoke anymore so will power kicks in and now i am a BAD anti smoker terrible i know cos i know how difficult it is. At least you wont have a cig while you are preg and i am very anti anybody smoking near my daughter so i have no time to smoke anyways cos you are tied up in nappy changing feeding and playing.

    Well done you for giving up keep telling yourself how good it is that you have done it and think of your lo.

    Good luck with the bubba it does get easier though x
  • Hi Caz,
    Yep, i used to smoke too (have the occasion puff on my oh's now and then) and in the first 12-14 weeks, the thought of it made me sick. I still can't stand the smell of stale cigarettes due to my new basset hound status but I have had times just recently when i have craved a BIG glass of red wine and a marlborogh menthol!! Its probably cos you start to feel better and a bit more back to normal after about 12 weeks, that's my explanation anyway. Well done for quitting and KatieMac, i think 1 a day won't do any harm, think of how much they smoked in the war, and they had a massive baby boom!! I so wish people would mind their own bloody business before telling us pregnant ladies how to live and what we should and shouldn't do, i honestly feel like smacking some of them!! Gem 17+3
  • Jamtart...yes I agree with u it's so irritating! As I said above I'm not a smoker but I've had a few drinks (only 1 or 2) on a night out and my sis' birthday...the looks I got...'Should you really be drinking?' YES!!!! :lol:

    I remember when kate garraway was pregnant and she had 1 cigarette after giving up for so long and the paparazzi caught her & it was all over the news what a bad mum she was...c'mon it was 1 cigarette, we all slip up sometimes. x

  • I used to smoke heavily too and found it really difficult as my OH decided he didn't want to quit for a long time. The cravings were awful! Try not to worry too much, they do pass - tho it really helped me not being around smokers and smoking-related places! I found not going to the pub for a while helped a lot. Good Luck and stay strong! X
  • Hi Caz
    I have the same problem, OH and I gave up four weeks before we got our BFP and at first I was really pleased that I had done it before getting pg. I am now 9weeks and the only craving I have is for ciggies, I know I wont have one but am finding myself loitering by smoking people in a most embarassing way, lol
    Hope it gets better
  • Hi I gave up a 20+ a day habit on the 1st March, I did have patches for 2 weeks but then nothing and I havent had one since.
    I then found out I was pregnant in June and the last few months I have craved a ciggie, dont know if it was pregnancy cravings or smoker cravings but I know I will never have another cig as I cant even stand the smell.

  • Well done for giving up - you might be wanting a ciggie just because you cant have one. Dont give in, anyone who can give up is a star.:\)
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