FAO Melissa87

hiya, i just want to say as ive been reading your threads for a while that i think your treally brave andthat your gonna be a great mum.
the ex of yours sounds like my daughters dad an arsehole. he tried to con me into having our child 2/3 nights a week. this is just because he doesnt have to pay any kind of support through the CSA if he does that. not because he actually wants the quality time.
my ex earns a massive amount more than i do but i dont agree with the CSA ethic. so i ask for ??50 a week plus he pays for extras like school uniforms, shoes, winter coat, school trips, extra curricular lessons ie swimming and summer and winter wardrobes. my ex takes our daughter for tea twice a week and then either has her on a friday OR saturday night giving you some free time or for a full weekend every other week giving you a weekend with your child. i was on my own for years as a single mum and i hate that classifaction i prefer to be called the parent that stayed!!
your gonna be fine, i wish you all the best luck in the world. xxxxxx
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