Help. No symptoms AT ALL. 8+3

I'm 8+3 weeks and as yet I have had no symptoms at all.
Not feeling sick, not weeing a lot, not tired, nothing.
I have felt the odd 'twinge' in my pelvis region but thats it.
I have rung the MW but she has not got back to me.
I had a scan at 6 weeks due to a small amount of bleeding and I have seen the heartbeat so am def pregnant.
Anybody else feeling 'normal'?!
I am certainly not moaning, I feel so bad for all you girls who are throwing up constantly.I am just worried that things are not progressing as they should.
And I mean NO symptoms AT ALL.

Your views would be appreciated.

Rachel. xx


  • Hi Rachel, although I have symptoms this time, I didnt with my Son last time, so I think its just each one is different, I wee all the time and my boobs are MASSIVE! only 7wks 4days aswell. So glad I havent got any nasty symptoms hanging about yet though.

    You will feel better when you get your 12 week scan and see baby again!
  • You have nothing to worry about you are one of the lucky ones. Also my symptoms didn't really start until week 9ish so they may appear over the next couple of weeks and then you will be wishing that you had none again lol

    Good luck with your pg

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