• hi

    i was just wondering which hospital u delivered at as im under barking, havering & redbridge.
    i have gone for queens just because its the newest one.
    the care u got sound terrible so im hoping it wasnt at queens!!!!

    vicky xx
  • Hi chick,

    sorry didn't mean to panic you, I had my daughter at King Georges Hospital, bearing in mind that was 4 years ago and friends of mine had thier babies at King Georges and had a really good expeirence...

    Quite honestly i think it comes down to luck of the draw on the day and which midwives are on duty...

    I've not heard anything about Queens and none of my friends have had thier babies there so i'm afriad I can't give you any feedback on it...

    You can breath a sigh of relief!!!!

    Good luck


    Ohhhh I have just seen you post about the mamas and papas discount store, whereabout is it, I'd love to go...

    I had one of their travel systems for my daughter and it was fantastic and i really fancy the piliko pramette but hubby says no, but if I can get a good discount he might let me.....

    cheers chick

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  • lol
    thanks they wanted me to deliver at king george but i put my foot down and said no way!! have too much bad stuff about that hospital i dont even like going there to have my bloods done!!
  • lol mine is in dagenham or barking not sure really on the borders of dagenham i think i also posted a link to a website that has about ??50 off of it if that helps.
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