tmi and very embarresed

hi il keep this short and sweet as this is just a tad embarrasin!
when i had a number 2 earlier today there was a lil blood it was def from there and i looked it up on the internet and think i have hemoroids! is this another word for piles?
im to embarresed to go to the docs what shud i do????


  • Yes babe sorry!! dont worry about it, loads of people suffer with them. Ive had them on and off since having my little girl 2 years ago. U can get cream from the chemist, ha ha I sent my hubby in for it though lol
  • lol! i think il do the same he he! so it is normal then??
  • it is normalin pregnancy and otherwise... can be from straining too much too lol.but is normal yes!
  • Don't push! That's the best way to reduce them during pregnancy. If you are finding it hard to pass a motion go to the docs for laxtulose. I have some! image
  • well im goin tomorrow hopefully! so shud get it sorted
  • Poor you- this is just yet another one of the joys of being preggers lol. The cream won't take them away but it will stop them feeling itchy. As someone else said try not to strain on the loo.

    If you find you are a bit constipated eat at least 1 kiwi fruit each day.
  • ive got cream from the doctors but they nearly gave me one that preg women arnt ment to have silly people lol! but hope it gets better soon!
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