Request induction?

Can i request to be induced? ive always measured big for my dates and told that id have a big baby but my midwife has always said that she wouldnt let me go to term as when i had tegan (8lb) i tore really bad and couldnt go toilet for almost a month etc but my midwife has actually left so im just seeing random midwives now and they obviously dont know me etc so can i ask them to be induced? im worried that the baby is going to be too big for me, im also experiencing alot of dizzyness/fainting to the point where i dont actually trust myself being at home alone with Tegan incase something happened, luckily whenever it has happened she has been in bed or ive been on my own but im so worried that it will happen when she is with me. my oh cant have time off work and theres only so much help my parents can give me. im soo fed up. whenever i have the dizzyness i have to be checked over but im always told the same thing and feel like im wasting my time as blood pressure is same as always, although midwife yesterday did take some bloods to check for aneamia (sp?) . along with that ive also got spd and can barely get up the stairs, baby is right under my ribs and i have constant heart burn. im sooooo fed up :\( really dont think i can make it another 4 weeks.

Hannah 36+3 xxx


  • Hi hon-from what can gather they try to avoid it whenever possible. It can't hurt to ask though if your midwife already said she'd do it but a lot of them won't class 8lb as big enough to worry about. Good luck though, hope it works! X
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