to dottie pottie

hiya was raeding ur profile and i am from leeds too in west yorkshire i am also going to be a lone parent to baby dad too selfish ect i have a four yr old daughter unfortuently her daddy died three yr ago .


  • Hi,
    When I am at my sisters I stay in calverley, but I live Sherburn in elmet.
    How are you doing with your pregnancy and been on your own.
  • i am in seacroft moving to armley hopefully soon. i am coping ok i have my mum and her fella to help me through. i do have bad days tho like anyone. my pregnancy is going great having a boy and have choose to have him in st james. i want bubs to be happy so i know been on my own with him is the best choice even tho it can be lonely at times. gud luck with ur baby hunny and chin up always xxx
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