Giving up smoking!

Hello everyone!

I am very new to this, just signed up, hope you are all okay! We have just found out that we are expecting our second baby, I'm around 6 weeks pregnant now.

I was wondering if anyone has any good tips for giving up smoking!! I have cut right down but can't seem to completely stop this time.

I already have an appointment with the practice nurse to get help but that's not for a couple of weeks.

Any ideas?xx


  • Hi Faith

    I quit from about 20/day about 3 years ago and you've got my full sympathy - it's really hard. The NRTs really worked for me - especially the ones orally administered, so lozenges or inhalators. Apparently nicotine on it's own, while not being great, is much less harmful to baby than cig smoke, but I found the NRT only worked when I was taking plenty of it - so much that I really didn't think about cigs cos I had all the usual nicotine.

    I'm afraid the only way to cut out the last one or two is iron discipline! Don't buy them and don't let any of your friends or family come NEAR you if they're smoking or even have a pack on them! I couldn't give up completely until my OH quit too... if they were in his pocket, I was gonna smoke at least one!

    Good luck - this is the best excuse you'll ever get to quit (apart from a cancer scare, which is what did it for me!) Fingers crossed babe
  • Hi weeza,

    Thanks for that, my partner still smokes so I will have to get him to quit too, I know that will help so I hope he will!

    I will ask what nrt I can use at my appointment, I'm not sure what she will say though as my doctor didn't think I could use any!!

    At the end of the day I am doing it for the baby this time, so there are no excuses.

    Thanks again,
  • Hey, good luck with quitting. i stopped as soon as I found out i was pg - i've just gone with willpower alone. i've just got a mental attitude that i CANT smoke while pg (just like i cant drink a bottle of wine or eat my favourite cheese) and its working ok for me. I know its not as easy as it sounds though. Maybe whenever you reach for a cig you can think of a very very tiny baby having a puff - that puts me off!

    Good luck.
  • well done for getting on the right road, i was very lucky and had been trying to quit for ages. as soon as i got bfp i just stopped. had one the next day but i couldnt make myself inhale it properly so it was nasty anyway!
    even though i have gone 9months and not touhced a cig i know that nothing wills top me having one as soon as i have a glass of wine or bubbly over chrimbo as thats my weakness. its also hard after eating. like gr2007 i just had that mental attitude and as much as i wanted one sometimes i havent given in!
    good luck! you can do it! and cutting down is better for your baby than carrying on as before... keep positive!

    ooh sorry for rambling but also put me off- a video i saw of a scan of a baby, every time mum took a drag on her fag the baby clenched up as if its heart missed a beat, really awful to watch..that also did it for me!
  • Hi Faith85, I gave up earlier in the year luckily for me before I got pregnant. I can totally and utterly recommend "Allen Carr's easy way to give up smoking". I got the cd - you have to perservere with it coz at the beginning of the cd he sounds really patronising and a pain but it is totally amazing. I'd tried to give up loads of times before using all sorts of nicotine replacement things and using willpower and I always went through two weeks of absolute hell and always started again. With this book it really was easy - I literally had a couple of moments where I thought "shall i have a ciggy" then I remembered that I didn't smoke anymore. It was literally as easy as that and I haven't thought about it or been bothered at all since then and it's been eight months now. Good luck to you, xxx
  • good luck trying to stop smoking hun, i had a smoking cesation midwife who visited at home every week, then every 2/3 wk til she was confident i had stopped and would stay stopped, she was great and having to blow in the thingy every week was a big help to keep me stopped, well worth checking out if this is available in ur area. i used patches and inhalator. xx
  • Thankyou for all the great advice everyone!
    I love this site, everyone is so supportive and helpful. I wasn't sure what kind of reaction I would get posting a question about smoking on a pregnancy forum but it's great!!
    I am going to use all this advice, and I have been told about the Allen Carr method before so will definately do that! Will let you all know how it goes.
    Thanks again,
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