Breast feeding in public -Supporting ideas!!

I have started this threadt for mother who feel a little shy or whom would like a little extra support around breast feeding there child in public -

I for one have never done it as this is my first child but really hope to as 'breast is best' and we each will try to do our best for our individual children...

I have written this in the pregnancy forum rather than breast feeding as this is where the subject has been pre-empted!!

Id really like if this part can be kept possitive with supporting ideas such as suggestions for responces, ways to explain, actual rights, felt rights, good places or companies that support breat feeding and provide areas, a break down of the manifesto so people can understand what to expect, the link so people can sign the partition, ways to explain to people that find it hard to understand such as children, genral public and maybe even parteners?

maybe a template letter could be drafted so we can send it to larger companies head offices to request nation wide fisilities to be provided? such a comfy chair with a screen...

ways to get over trying to get your boobs out with out being seen when people are clearly staring? lol

the list goes on... lol come on girls lets make this a possitive place to get support cause I for one would love to do it but am a little worried about negitive reaction especially having just had a child and feeling all over the place... ;\)



  • What maybe helpful is to come up with as a group phrases that we can come back with to give us a little confidence to be prepared for when people (and they will) make negitive comments because they have a diffrent point of view...

    an few examples...

    - I'm trying to give my baby the best start I can, I've been discreet please try not to look if you feel unconforable I am using a shawl.

    - I understand that you may not agree but I as this childs mother am intitled to do what I feel is best.

    - do you relise asking (telling) me to stop carrys an ??2.500 fine because the goverment drive states this is best! (print of the proof and carry it in your pocket to show shop owners as evedidence)

    - after being told to stop because a child is upset reply by saying would you like me to help explain the nature process that is happening so that they can understand and have tolerance even if they them selves haven't experainced it?

    - it actually helps bonding and attachment

    - there more people who do it the more 'normal' it is seen to be

    - I understand your uncomfortable however you have ownship over those feelings and can not decide what behaviours are suitable for others...

    any other suggestion girls? xx
  • hi. loving this thread. and i see your reasons for putting it in the pregnancy forum.
    i have sucessfully breastfed all my kids. my eldest is now 8 and i am still feeding my youngest who is 8 months.
    i have been asked to leave one or establishments as it has offended customers. even though i was covered up. but it seemed that this wasn't suitable. i was asked if i wanted to go into a seperate area to feed my baby but i said why the hell should i. he needs to eat as well. and i was eating my lunch while he had his milk feed.
    my advice is to stay positive and stand up to those places that don't accept it as natural. we should all stand up for our rights as potential or already breastfeeding mums.
    i really don't find anything about breast feeding that is offensive and off putting. and some people have even come up to me and said well done for breastfeeding in public.
    there are so many benefits when it works for you that out weigh the negatives. good luck to you all who wish to breast feed and i look forward to seeing you all in the breastfeeding forum in a few months time. xxxx
  • hi,

    I breastfed my son for 11 months and i was very shy about doing it in public at first. I would be fiddling with him trying to latch on under a shawl and i felt this drew attention to it especially when i had my head under it aswell!!! :lol:

    I was also very worried about having my belly exposed while i fed (had a 9lb baby!) So i got nursing vests by Emma Jane, you can get them on figleaves. They have built in support so you don't have to wear a bra aswell. I used to but a tee over the top of the vest and all i did was unclip the vest strap and while my son was feeding my tee covered any flesh. No-one would know i was feeding they would just think he was sleeping on me. People would be right in front of me speaking and wouldn't even notice unless my son made a slurping noise imageops: :lol:

    It is something that comes with practise and until you get the hang of it there are plenty of feeding rooms in Boots, Debenhams, John Lewis etc. I really enjoyed them for the first few months cos you could sit and have a gossip with the other mummy's.

    You'll be fine and won't even give it a second thought after you get the hang of it.

    I am expecting my second child now at the end of september so looking forward to breastfeeding again!

    Good luck.

  • hi girls
    i am planning on breastfeeding and am really worried about doing it discreetly as i have really big boobs and not sure if that would make it more difficult to be discreet im not bothered about people saying anything to me im more bothered about flashing my boobs to people.

    i must admit i do tend to stare a little when i see a woman breast feeding but its not cus i disagree or am sick its just cus its such a marvellous thing and im intrigued and trying to get ideas of how to do it discreetly etc so i apologise if i have stared at any of you lol

  • my advice would be to stand your ground.
    try to explain to people that you are only doing with you lo what they are doing - eating in a public place!
    it is every mothers right to feed their baby in public, be it by bottle cup or breast and people should be applauded for it rather than made to feel bad. putting a shawl or muslin or sling over you means you can 'get your boobs out' discreetly and feed comfortably.

    i would advise all mothers to read the menifesto, just so they know the up to date situation/advice/info etc and can act as they wish to do so.

  • I'm reposting this here as well as in the breastfeeding forum and have nicked it off the previous warzone that was the Great Debate 2008 on this pregnancy forum.

    Thanks to whoever posted this link to the manifesto, it's great.
    Here it is again for anyone who may want to sign - it's well worth having a look....
  • could somebody post the important parts here for us all to read i'm not sure how to get the the main findings or suggestions...

    ta! x
  • personally speaking i dont try and use a cloth or anything to cover me and Abby up i just pop herunder my top and she does the rest no one sees anything and i have fed in loads of places without anyone realising what i am doing and the reason they don't notice is cos i don't make a fuss just do it .when i fed my son 10 years ago i was asked to stop and go to the loo but when i picked the mans plate up to take it with me he got upset and asked what i was doing i said if we have to eat in the loo then so should he!!!! surprisingly he didn't mind me feeding after that lol this time i was sitting in my own car in the back seat when a man (always men notice??)chapped the window and told me i was disgusting!!! you can imagine the mouthful he got lol
    fea x
  • lol liking th idea about lifting the plate to the loo! lol x
  • lol, I'll definitely do that if someone comments that way when im breastfeeding in public. Luckily I have had no comments as yet, just a few looks which I wouldnt say were very friendly. It is such a shame its got like this but there is no way Id ever give it up, at home or in public. I do sometimes take bottles out with me but that is due to the situation on the day and for the convenience, nothing to do with being worried about other peoples reactions. Everyone who has something negative to say about it can go jump as far as Im concerned!!
  • Congrats on this post, much more positive than the debate on baby forum, lol.

    I have bf all 3 of my babies, the first for 11 mths, 2nd 9 mths and currently 3rd who is only 9 weeks but i will continue for at least 6 months.

    It is such a shame that society in Britain seems so offended by breastfeeding in general, not only in public. I guess it's because of the sexualisation of boobs, when really the only purpose nature had for them was to feed babies (we're lucky we only have 2 of them, lol).

    I think the best way to react to negative comments is to point out the natural process of caring for our babies continues long after birth. (when really all you want to do is tell them to piss off and mind their own business, lol).

    Good luck to all of you and your chubby boob fed babies.

    Shell & Paige
  • i think that we all have a much better chance now due to the change in law. as of september no businesses can ask you to leave or stop breastfeeding under the anti discrimination laws. there are also breastfeeding cafes nation wide where you can go. its more private and there will be others mums there too. my oh thinks bf is great but only cos he knows he can perve on my boobs lol
  • OO00oo whats the name of these breast feeding cafes???? my friend and i are planning breast feeding and she's due in 7weeks this thread is great... i plan on using a shawl simply as it will be beginning of summer and notheing better than sitting in the sun to wash away the indoor bore syndrome lol
  • I heard on the news this morning that the will be a national help line for breast feeding mothers to call and get support when they are finding it difficult and the phone lines are run by mothers whom have been sucsessfull so they really know what they are taking about! which i think is really good!

    the news didnt give the number out so if anyone knows it be great for it to be added here! like wize if i see it ill post it on this thread!

    I seen a couple and a new born baby yesterday breast feeding in a cafe and they got a couple of looks but it wasn't because the mother was breast feeding it was more over the farther whom was trying to help mum stay covered and the fact that part of one of his arm was missing... sad in this day and age that could be accepted just as some body with a disabilty (although he coped pretty well from what i could see) but over all i felt pleased that the mother could feed and people around were distracted easily by something else that really wasnt that big of a deal! x
  • Hi all l plan 2 breastfeed my baby but lm not a very confident person but l will have to get the confidence if some1 says something to me. I'll need to practice with a shawl b4 baby comes lve got till Aug so plenty of time. If any1 asks us to leave we'll need to tell them theyve just broken the law and will be fined but who do u report them to?I will need to some investigating if l find anything l will post it.

  • Hi CrotchetMom.
    i love the idea of the cafes and there was one in my local town but its become a gregs instead booo.

    i thought i would put some info on here just in case anyone needed it as i did loads of research as i was worried that i wouldn't be able to breastfeed as i am looking at an early induction or c section.

    anyway here goes
    the baby cafe they have a list of your local cafes which is ace

    le leche league great britain tel 08704448708

    tel 08704448708
    they have counsellors available 8am-10pm for help and advice before birth and after. they can also just send out leaflets with info on bf. they also have a 24 hour helpline for mums who are in distress.

    Association of Breast feeding mothers
    they also have a counselling hotline- not sure of their opening hours though- 08444122949

    and finally The breastfeeding Network

    one thing i found out which was quite interesting is that when the placenta is delivered your body then starts releasing the hormones to produce milk. so no matter how you give birth you should still be able to breastfeed and if you give birth early as well. it made me feel a bit more relaxed about having an early c section although as it turns out i will be 39 weeks anyway. i hope this info helps

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  • I found something which states its against the law to ask a breastfeeding mum to leave and anyone doing so can be fined but the article says it only applies in Scotland. I think we should print it out and take it with us. xx

  • This is great- I have breastfed all 3 of mine anywhere and everywhere and the more people that do it the better!
    It has also come up recently on the breastfeeding chat forum under the heading bfeeding around others.
  • this is great girls I have cut and paste all those web sites and printed them out! be great if we knew the section of law to quote and who to report to if we are asked to leave just so we can feel more confident - be even better if we could get it in writting from somewhere so we can pull out and show at that point! xx
  • Hi everyone,
    I am already attending a weekly breastfeeding support group (baby due next month) for pre and post natal women. We will be having visiting speakers to talk about all kinds of topics from first aid to weaning. I've been given loads of leaflets, including one which indicates which local shops/cafes are "breastfeeding friendly" and facilities available. There are people you can contact for support with breastfeeding (like the NCT) and your midwife might be able to give you more information about your local area.
    Attitudes towards breastfeeding mums are changing...

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