3rd trimester morning sickness???

Is it possible for Morning sickness to return in the 3rd trimester? im only just 28 wks with my 2nd and have been feeling sick and dizzy just like i did at the beginning?? I never had morning sickness with my 1st atll and havent got a clue!


  • I think sickness can come and go, or can stay throughout. Not speaking from experience though - sorry. Have you had your blood pressure checked recently? High or low blood pressure could cause some queasiness and dizziness. Take care xx
  • hi my morning sickness returned at about 28 weeks, but it's better then it was in the first trimester. I'm generally sick as soon as i get up in the morning but then feel better all day as long as it stays like this i'm not to bothered
  • Hi I haven't been sick at all during either pregnancy, but this time I have had nausea during the early stages of third trimester, especially at night time and if I was hungry or eaten too much!!
  • Ive had first, second and third trimester sickness! Everyones different, have heard its commen to come back in third. x
  • I had evening sickness at the beginning of the 3rd trimester. I think cos the baby pushes up against the stomach more. Like the 1st trimester eating little and often worked for me.
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