sorry, but its about going bak 2 work

Hello there, im having 9 month off work as i dont want 2 go back striaght away, but somebody told me i can have 12 month off work, but does any1 no how long i have 2 go back 2 work 4 b4 i can pack it in, Other wise if i say im having 12 month off then dont go back, i got 3 month money 2 pay back, please does any1 no anything about this,
thanks gem xx


  • i think u only have to go back for like a day and just quit then but dont quote me thats just what i have heard?????
  • normally your firm have their own procedures... you need to get the maternity contract...
    mine was on the basis that if i didnt go back to work for at least 3 months.. then i would have to pay back a percentage of maternity pay...
    i really wouldnt worry too much though... if you dont want to go back.. all you need to do is give the month notice as per normal.... they cant do anything about it....
  • I can have up to 63 weeks off, continuing no longer than 52 weeks after week of childbirth. get 14 weeks normal pay then 25 weeks statutory maternity pay at current flat rate. The remaining maternity leave is unpaid. I have to return to work for at least 3 months or I have to pay back 6 weeks maternity pay at my normal pay less any SMP paid as part of that 6 weeks pay. If I don't intend to return to work then I only get 8 weeks normal pay instead of 14.

    What I do know is that you do not have to pay back statutory maternity pay (6 weeks at 90% pay then 33 weeks standard SMP) if you do not return to work but if your company pays you more than this then you may have to pay some back.

    Hope that helps!!
  • You are entitled to 12 months off work , with no obligation to return. Your company will have a maternity policy which will determine how much of your leave is paid, and each company is different. The only time I think you are under an obligation to return is if you fall pregnant while on mat leave and hope to claim mat pay again. You have to work a certain time to re earn your entitlement.
  • I have to pay back everything I get over and above SMP if I don't go back for at least three months, however, I was working on making some changes to the HR department recently and one of the advisors let slip that most people just take their holidays and then call in sick so it is quite easy to get around!!!! xxx
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