Tummy feels bigger than my dates suggest and need a scan


Has anyone else heard of this happening?

At 11.5wks my tummy felt like 14wks but the midwife said it was probably down to it being my second pregnancy. At almost 16 weeks she says it feels like 18/19wks and I need an urgent scan as my dates could be wrong and this would skew the results for the double test taken at the same time making the baby appear to be at a higher risk of Downs etc than it really is. She doesn't think it feels like twins.

My blood results will be back next week and supposedly there's a 6wk wait for scans so my 20wk scan appointment will probably come through first. We don't get a 12wk scan here. Not too worried about the double test result as the risk was extremely low last time. Just would like to know if it's happened to anyone else, which I'm sure it has, but I can't help thinking about it.

It would explain why I felt movement at 7wks and my husband at 14wks.



  • How exciting! Sorry coz it probably isn't 4 you but I would love for someone to tell me Im three weeks ahead of what I actually I'm. I'm sure the test results will be fine, n I think its awful that some hospitals dnt offer 12week scans coz that is what they use to date the baby accurately, if you had been given a 12 week scan you prob wuldn't b facing this situation now. Hope they do ur "urgent" scan urgently coz its seems to me like they are taking their time about everthing. Good look and I hope you get the dates that you want. k x
  • Received a letter today telling me my scan is on Friday so that's good as we will get it done just as my blood test results come back. Unfortunately hubbie can't come with me so hope my toddler behaves while I'm being scanned!
  • I'm sure you'll be fine, good luck x
  • Scan went well, just the one baby and only maybe a few days ahead than my dates suggest which would be right as I ovulated early in the cycle that the baby was conceived. Should still be able to go to a wedding in Scotland at 8 months - hurrah!
  • Glad all is okay and u finally got ur scan. Did they explain why ur tummy is bigger than dates suggest, coz in my last pregnancy I fort I was gona av a ginormous baby coz I was huge but I was assured by the mw he only weighed around 7lbs he just had alot of amniotic fluid to swim around in...From that point on i was dreading my waters breaking i thought i might flood the whole of manchester ha ha ha! k x
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