How much movement should I feel?

Have worried about this for about a week now but have just kept putting it to back of mind. I am 37 weeks and baby hardly ever seems to move. All the books say should move much more than he is so getting really stressed and all people from antenatal seem to have almost constant movement from babies, Also just seen on here about how much babies move about.

At last midwife appointment heartbeat was fine and he was moving when she put the doplar on so I felt a bit stupid to say I was worried about lack of movement. Now dont have appointement for two weeks and driving myself and probably the baby crazy by trying to get him to move so can count movements!

Any advice/experiences please :\?


  • Ive heard that towards the end, the baby moves less. (no room left) If you're worried contact mw, better feel silly than worry yourself stupid!!! xx
  • try poking your stomach gently with all yourfingers and push down to try make ur baby move he / she cud be sleeping but try it. if your midwife can hear heartbeat then hes still there breathing and its too late to buy ur own heart monitor at 37weeks but dont worry your babys nearly here.

  • tried poking which didn't do anything and a cup of tea which didn't work either so was really starting to panic when OH came along and asked what wrong. He blew a raspberry on my stomach and baby kicked him very hard in the face! So obviously there is still life in there! Will monitor for the rest of eve and prob go to docs tomorrow just to get reassurance. thanks for advice X
  • hi

    i agree with the others, it is always better to be safe than sorry, my midwife also told to me that u shld get checked out if u only get movement when u've coerced them to move.

    no one will think u are silly so please don't worry urself with that, it is their job to check these things out even just for ur peace of mind.

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