Avoiding stretchmarks - any advice?

Hi ladies,

I'm 6+3 and applying bio-oil at the moment as I heard it was good.

Any other suggestions or fab creams that are tried and tested amongst you?

Thanks xxx


  • My mums tip is to have a weekly bath with baby oil in it and she has no stretch marks at all. Do you really need to apply bio oil at 6 weeks? Im 7 and i wasnt gonna bother until i was about 12 weeks.
  • i'm using palmer's cocoa butter, heard it was good and so far no signs of stretchmarks (15+3) but i read somewhere that if ur destined for stretchmarks u will get them! something to do with genes? and ofcourse how big u get and how quickly. i'm hoping thats not true though!! xxx
  • I did read something that said if you have stretchmarks already you will more than likely get them when pregnant. I think its something to do with skin elasticity as well as the weight you put on.
  • I'm also using palmer's cocoa butter and am 23+4 and touch wood have not got ne yet. my mum also bought me some miriam stoppard nurture body lotion so am gonna use that as well. But i have also read the same as rhiannon that if ur gonna get stretchmarks there's nothin u can do bout it! will jst have to wait and c i spose!
  • My mom (age 42, no 43, erm there abouts ... I am gonna be 23 in april) has had 3 kids.

    Which me and my middle sis she had stretch marks, so she was totally prone to get them, but as it was like a long time ago and there were no goodie creams to use she got them ... BUT with my little sis (now 7 years old) she used a specialized stretch mark prevention cream, which was fairly expensive - and she didnt even have ONE and the old ones got all better .... so the creams do work, just have to apply regularly.

    I am using Biotherm Biovergetures (stretch mark prevention cream) - it smells divine, and my boobies and belly are loving it! Cost about 20 pounds, a bit pricey but worth it :P
  • Hi

    Just had baby number two and didnt get any stretch marks in either pregnancy (and went two weeks over). I'm a big fan of Clarins body oil (the preg one). Its a bit pricey - about ??30 and I prob went through 4 bottles as start using it early on - but I work on the basis that its money well spent if it stops the dreaded stretch marks!

    Good luck
  • Hi
    I have been using sanctuary collagen boosting mum 2 be body cream I was bought the mum 2 be set for xmas by my manager, it also has shower oil and bath flakes with it, started using it about 16 weeks, 26+3 now and so far nothing, touch wood. Baby J loves it when we rub it into bump at night. Also got a sample of the palmer's cocoa butter massage cream but not used that yet, it came in my lloyds pharmacy pregnancy pack. To be quite honest think anything with vitamin e in it should help as it helps the elasticity in your skin and don't forget to drink plenty of fluids and this will help too.

    Good luck
    Em x
  • Hi girlies i dont have a one and im on preg number too all i have done is added baby oil to a bath twice a week and used plain old baby lotion twice a day some days not at all just to keep my belly and boobs moisturised might help you guys might not bare in mind im big built anyway so have been lucky not to have them already as i always use baby lotion anyway good luck Sophie xx

  • I am using the Clarins tonic oil as well, it smells absolutely divine! BUT I used nothing last time round and didn't get a single stretch mark. My mum had three kids and has none either so I don't think I am prone to them. Only started using anything this time because sil bought it me for christmas.
  • I've been really worried about getting them and obsessive about moisturising, bio oil, coco body butter even olive oil when i've ran out of bio oil!!! Been using champney's mother to be bath salts too. Touch wood no stretch marks yet (28 weeks) but i have them from teenage years so not thinking i'm going to be lucky to avoid them. Apparently doing excercise can help and drinking lots of water too.
  • I used palmers cocoa butter lotion with my first baby from really early on and I ended up with awful stretchmarks anyway! They are faded nowbut still very visible. I'm now preggers with number two now and thought I'd try bio-oil which I heard was very good. I'm starting early again, so we'll see what happens this time! I'm probably never going to be able to wear a bikini again but its worth a try if all it does is help with the itchy tummy I got when I was having ds.
  • Thanks so much for your replies!

    Thought I'd start as early as possible. My mum is riddled with them from my sister and I, so its not looking good!

    However, ever the optimist I think I might try some of your suggestions - thanks again.

  • My mw said if you are going to get them they will just come and no amount of creams and potions will help image so I haven't bothered I am 24+1 and have no marks at all yet, mu mum had 2 of us and hasn't got a single mark so I'm hoping it genetic *fingers crossed*

  • Hi ya,

    I didnt get any stretch marks and i gave birth to a 9lb 5oz chunky monkey well a lil boy!

    I used the sanctuary mum to be body products. I showered everyday using the body wash and applied the body oil afterwards. They smelt so good and really relaxing aswell. However, any moisturising will help but it is down to your genes...if your mum did or didnt get them you will probably follow suit! You get stretch marks cos the fibers break under the skin. So girls slap on the moisturiser and drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated xxx
  • I used Revlon 365 dry skin mousteriser (can never spell that word!) as rec by friend's mum with all 3 of mine and i didn't get any stretchmarks till the day b4 i had my third ....... and that was one tiny one above my belly button!
    Think it does depend lots on your skin but you can try! My mum got a few so not genetic in our family!
  • iv been using all the brands has said above, still i have got new ones (had some before pregnancy) on my inner thighs,hips and boobs! im 28 weeks and started getting them around 19 weeks.

    i guess my skin ist very stretchy image my mum had 4 kids and not a single one!
  • Hiya

    I used palmers cocoa butter, am now 33 weeks preg with my 2nd & still dont have 1 stretchmark, long may it continue. be nice to get through 2 pregnancies without any !
  • Hi babe im 22weeks and was using bio-oil mostly like you, but have started to notice a few small strechmarks apearring where the stomach is streching, so i started using palmers strechmark coco butter and it shortens the visability instantly because of the cream and reduces them over time. so i put my bio-oil on after my shower every morning and then my coco butter after my wash before bed. The coco butter happens to turn my man on too, he loves the smell and silk effect it gives, so thats an added bonus. xx
  • hi all,i am using bio oil and have been using it for a while (sterted b4 i was pregnant to reduce appearance of old stretch marks frm last preganancy!)so far i have no new stretch marks and im 28 wks but then again i had none until 29 wks when i was pregnant last time,i went overdue and was covered in them at the end!i used the avent pregnancy cream in that pregnancy so haven't used that 1 again!i'm liking bio oil so far!!touch wood!
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