Boys Names Needed...

hey all

we have just found out were having a boy, we have a 2year old son called cameron am really stuck for names as cameron was the only boy name we had last time.any suggestions would be great thanks!!! x x x x x x


  • hmmm.... atm i am umming and aaahing over a few
    heres what i like..ill just do a list cos i dont no about everyone else but i scan these topics for the names cos im desperate!!!
    leo (the fave atm)
  • i am having a boy to hun and i am really finding it hard
    i like bradley and luke but not 100% on them
  • I dont know what were having, but I think its a boy and were having Ollie or Max.
  • I'm hoping ours is a girl because we have loads of girls names ready but can't think of a single boys name we like. I'm a teacher too so every name I think of makes me think of a horrible child with that name!image

    I have been convinced it's a boy throughout though so please keep the suggestions coming....

  • im having a boy and weve decided on jordan. other choices were ashton or lucas but yeh is definetly harder to find boys names than girls. were 95% set on jordan but ashton is stil an option image
  • All the names we had on our list for boys (Vaughn, Sacha, Thayne, Dexter, to name a few) weren't really doing it for us. My first choice was Bodhi which me and OH called the bump in private for nearly the whole 9 months (even though we didn't know what we were having!!). But when he arrived he didn't look like any of these!! For a few hours he was a Jude.... then a Stan... and a Harry. But after trying all these out they were all wrong too.
    Finally on day 3 I suggested Barnaby - completely out of the blue, dunno where it came from! And it totally suits him, so it stuck!!!
  • I'm liking matthew & thomas, but we favouring thomas, i personally like matthew thomas but hubby only wants 1 name, I also love kian.
  • what about Elliot? Gorgeous name. Not that im biased (sons name)! Having baby number 2 next April and havent a clue for girls or boys names. Gonna find out first what it is then can concentrate on the one
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