Good points of having a girl...

Hiya I thought it would be great to have too lists going one for boys and one for girls of all the nice reasons why its best or why you are pleased to be having that sex...

As Zoey has spoken about recently she has been a bit disapointed because she is not having what she thought but i'm sure she is not the only one to feel that way...

thought it would be really nice to have the lists going so pregnant hormonal disapointment girlies could read (i'm included in that was sure was having a little girl but having a boy) and think oh yeah thats a lovely reason to be having that sex child! :lol: image :lol:

A lovely reason to be having a girl is the clothes shopping is far nicer / more choice and really pretty little out fits - & i'm a girlie girl so was looking forward to a house full of my little ponies and dolly's lol

Another lovely reason is the girls will out number the boys (haha great when a little older and voting on activities) image

please feel free to add away girls! x


  • I personally think that girls have a better bond with mums especially as we get older. My mum is best friend and really enjoy shopping together going for coffee that sort of thing! Were as it takes my hubby all his effort just to speak to his mum on the phone!!!!
    Tammi x
    25+5 weeks
  • Girls can wear tights!
    I know that may sound stupid but before I found out I was having a girl (yey!) last week, I was thinking about how if it was a boy, i wouldn't be able to dress him in a pretty little skirt or dress with those gorgeous patterned mini tights they do for little girls!!!
    And now I can!
    Hubby and I both wanted a girl, we didn't mind as long as all is healthy but that was our preference and we are!!!
    So over the moon!
    21+1 xxx
  • They don't have great big nuts - which is one of my nappy-changing qualms if we have a boy! ;-D
  • Girls are apparently much easier to potty train. Also when boys are a little older and learning to pee standing up, you get a lot of mess that doesn't happen with a girl! Zoey, if that's not a good reason... image xxx
  • lol loving this girls keep them coming... got to read the boys bit for myself now hehe x
  • Ganging up on Dad is a real perk as my 14 year old step daughter will tell you, he dosn't stand a chance when it comes to watching football if we are both in lol!
  • doing there hair! i want to put cute slides in it and put it in bunches!! could do that with a boy i suppose..............
  • Ooh doing their hair is a good one. Awww.

    With a girl, you bypass the whole 'toilet humour' stage that little boys go into and never come out of! My little brother used to drive me insane (he's 10 now)...ffs farting is NOT FUNNY!!!!!

    Girls aren't as messy and take care of themselves so you'll be doing less washing and you don't have to nag them to have a shower. My little bro used to cry and scream when it was 'hair wash night' lol.

    I am expecting my 3rd boy and I can give you a list of reasons as long as my arm why I wanted this one to be a little girl lol!

    I have now got to get used to having pee going all over me at every nappy change again!

    Another one who will eventually refuse to leave the toilet seat down!

    Another lot of bloody testosterone in the house - just what I need, 1 husband, 1 teenager, 1 gobby 6 yr old and a baby - ALL MALES!!!!

    I really need to find the good reasons now - time to check out the other list.

    Love Lee
  • picking their names!! image so much easier to pick a girls name than a boys i think...
  • GeM I agree, there seems to be prettier girls names than boys names!
  • i have a daughter and love pink so it was grate getting everythin pink and my daughter is really girly and i love it when we spend time together putting on her kiddy make up and do girly things together

  • OMG I just found out last night we are having a girl, I didn't expect it, trhe odds were so stacked against us statistically but it was my dream.

    Where do i start.
    bonding and doing girlie things
    girls tend to be more artistic and that's what I love
    dressing up
    playing with dolls
    shopping when older
    emotional support when old enough, I have a great friendship with my mum
    planning weddings!!!! and of course pregnancy later on.
    those cute little outfits.
    seeing them dancing

    if I think of more I will add.
    Zoey there are loads of great reasons, don't worry hun you will love you sweet little princess like mad.

    Em x
  • Daughter's are so so so so much fun....

    Firstly the mother daughter bond is so lovely, she is also a complete daddy's girl which is completely adorable but when push comes to shove she'll always side with mummy, he he he!!!!

    She already loves clothes shopping and insist's on trying everything on in the changing rooms, she loves sitting with me while I put on my make up and she puts on her pretend make up (if she's good she can have a bit of lip gloss).

    She is really caring and nurturing and is known as mother hen at nursery and looks after all the children in her class, helping with their shoes and showing them how to do things.

    Girls clothes are so much better than boys, I'm having a boy this time and the clothes shopping as been no where near as fun...

    Girls are known to be independent and want to be able to do things themselves and she helps me with everything in the house, washing, washing up, hoovering (no I'm not using her for child labour, ha ha)

    Potty training my daughter was a dodle, at 2 and a half I put her in knickers, she wet herself twice and then never again, she thought it was dirty getting wet knickers and she never pooed herself...boys are notoriously lazy with potty training and all of my friends with boys have had a tough time potty training (can't wait)...

    GIRLS ROCK....
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