orgasms safe?

i know sex is perfectly safe to do when pregnant as long as know complications etc, but what about orgasms do they do any harm to baby???


  • Lol Orgasms are good for baby, it increases the blood so everyone does well from it! xxx

    Cat 15+2
  • Yes orgasms are very good for baby - my baby book actually recommends lots of them which I am very happy about. lol
  • sorry had to ask, i worry bout everything, just wondered if it did any actual harm to baby?

  • what do you reckon it does to baby????
  • From what I've read, the baby generally enjoys the rocking motion (lol), and as Mummy Cat says, when you orgasm, your blood pumps quicker around your body which supplies more oxygen to the baby which is good. Also, it releases endorphins into your blood stream which makes you feel happy and relaxed - in turn it also makes baba feel happy and relaxed so it's all good!
  • wow...should have more more often then. lol.
  • LOL this is soooo funny, I still use the ol erm ......toy LOL going very red now but I love having O's and was thinking the same thing? Now I know I hug my baby loads LOL

    K xx
  • lol....well i wondered they talk about sex being ok but never say if you thought id ask and am presuming you all do?
  • Lol K-Lou I guess I hug my baby loads too! I still use my toy too *blushes* Hubby has never been able to keep up with my sex drive! xxx

    Cat 15+2
  • Me too, I love sex much more than he does poor thing, would be lost without my rabbit LOL

    I was actually going to look this up today as I was worried, I know they say have sex later on to start labour and was worried it would do the same thing early on but now I can relax and enjoy LOL

    k XX
  • I have been told its like giving the baby a massage!!! My baby has put up with alot of massages over the last 9 months. lol!
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