Long Episodes of practice contractions... anyone else yet???

Well I have been awake nearly all night since about 1-45am.. was up for 2 hours before deciding to go back to bed.
I was getting regular period pains and back ache.. that seemed to peek then go off a bit.. but were regular every 5-10 mins.
I managed an hour or so's sleep but they still kept waking me up. Still there till about 8am today, then seem to have stopped.. just getting odd one now and tightenings.
I dont remember them being so frequent at this stage, has anyone else been getting them regular yet, or am I heading for an early delivery????
What you think girls... Im keeping a close eye on them rest of today.. and getting few jobs done just incase they do start up again lol
caz xxx



  • Hi hun - wow aren't you booked in for a c section soon anyway???? What will they do - leave you to a natural labour if you do start early??? Might be worth giving the m/w a ring, they could always get you in to check your contractions??? Thinking of you, xxx
  • Hi hun.. yes I get my c-section date this week, gonna be done in about 2 weeks time.
    But if i go into labour I have to go in cos will still need to have c-section.
    Thats been my dilema today. Im not getting them regular like I was in the night, but still getting odd ones and back ache.
    Just see how day goes I guess, and will go if feel need to... hate wasting their time at hosp if its just practice contractions.
    I take it you not getting many yet then.. they just make me panic lol
    caz xxx
  • hey swettie,, i have been in agony to but im putting my down to bh as they dont seem to be very regular so im going to leave it and im tucked up on sofa with hot water bottle x lo moving a fair bit to !
    keep us informed and put your feet up x x x
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