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OK I need some advice - found out yesterday I am having a boy! Which I'm so happy about, thought I wanted a girl but I'm ridiculously happy its a boy guess I didnt mind after all.

The thing is the sonographer didn't sound too sure. My baby was very active, but me and oh were looking at sonographer expectantly & and she said, 'I THINK it's a boy.' She sounded a little more sure as it went on (he turned to face us & I think I caught a glimpse) but by no means sure. Hmmm. Silly now I really wanted to know the sex...and I'm glad I found out...but I can't help worrying that I'll prepare for a baby boy & he'll turn out to be a girl! :lol:

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Should I trust that it's a boy...? I've only bought cream-coloured things so far.
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  • hi phillippa,

    i dont no if they can get it wrong if they say its a boy can they? we saw our little man in all his glory flashing us lol and we all laughed as the sonographer said i hope you wanted to know the sex!
    if you're not 100% sure just tell yourself that u dont no... prepare for notknowing for sure and buy neutral things. or have a sexing scan, u can get them from 60quid i think, unless u go for the whole hog and have the 4d thing done but thats more pricey obviously.

    play it safe lol if you're really not sure..what about the heart beat on ur doppler? gallop = girl.... train= boy, lol fun to try!

    holly xxx
  • Hi, Usually if they are unsure they will not tell you the sex. Try not to worry too much but like holly said if ur not 100 % sure tell urself you don't know.
    My cousin was told at her 20 week scan that she was def having another boy. The consultant told that he was 70% sure it was a boy. She had her baby a month ago and it turned out to be a girl. But then again her mw did say that the hearbeat sounded like a girl all the way through her pregnancy.
    If you are really worried about it Just get all neutral stuff or book urself in for a sexing scan.

  • Yeah I always thought it was more certain if they said it was a boy. But mine was really that active it was very hard to tell even when he faced us! I shouldn't have eaten a load of celebrations before the

    We're going to have a 4D scan anyway so I guess we'll find out for sure in 8 weeks or so. I think I'll just assume it's a boy for now - but I'll be careful what I buy!
  • hey,
    i'm just gonna butt into this thread, hope you don't mind!
    does the heartbeat thing really work? we were at the hospital the other day for monitoring and i commented to hubby that the heartbeat sounded just like a horse galloping!!!
    he'll be gutted, he wants a boy!!
  • MrsC I really dont think that works tbh. My midwife was saying she thought I am having a boy because of the heartbeat and wouldnt have it that it was a girl lol We ended up having 2 private sex scans to make sure! AND one of my pals was told they thought she was having a girl because of heart beat and it was boy! Its all fun to try but I wouldn't take it too seriously xxx
  • hb thing is just a bit of fun! mine was a gallop until just before the scan so my baby had a sex change if thats true lol xx
  • I think it is easier to tell for boys cause its mroe obvious, although at our 20 week scan although the scan guy pointed out our boy flashing his bits he said he wasn't allowed to tell us 100%. at our 4d scan though the guy was very definate..he showed us in great detail..our boy was flashing!!

    I'd have to say that if they didn't sound too sure i'd either not tempt fate by buying for a boy, or i'd go and get a private scan done too!

  • Hehe, better not start buying any pink things just yet then!
    will be fun to wind up hubby though!
  • Oooh it's so annoying, kind of wished I hadn't found I'd have been able to wait! Then again I guess she wouldn't have told us unless she had a good idea as our hospital are funny about telling you anyway.

    I just wanna get all excited about my son! :lol:

    Have 2 boys and it is true what they say - boys are all for their mums!!!! Am really chuffed you had a good scan and all went well. Got my 12 wk scan tomorrow but cannot wait to get my 20 wk find out what am having. Really want a girl this time but I know what joys boys can bring so bit mixed up really. Why dont you get a few pale blue accessories that a boy or girl could wear?
  • Lol ok I will now - who am I kidding I am anyway! Yeah I reckon mine's going to be a mummys boy...Oh just wanted a boy so he could avoid the whole boyfriend issue with a teenage girl!

    Good luck with your 12 week scan! Well I reckon the may & june mums to be will all have girls as we're all having boys in april so it seems.
  • Hi they can't always get it right and thats prob why she said 'I think...'. Our health board has a policy not to tell the sex as they have been sued in the past for getting it wrong and there are have also been cases of selective termination where the sex is not what the parents want. Shocking I know. Stick to neutral colours! And I think private scans are only about ??65 to dtermine the sex if you wanted to make sure.
  • my aunty was told it was a boy and out came CHARLOTTE lol so they got it wrong !! but i still would stick to neutral stuff hun - you dont want to tempt fate lol xxx
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