How do you know..

How many weeks and days you are? I know I'm roughly 9 weeks but you all seem to say how many days you are aswell, eg 14+5, how did you find that out?


  • I did not know for definate until I had my scan at 12 wks and was told how many weeks and days I was. From then on it just sticks in your head lol
    Take care,
    Love Lee xxxx
  • Hi chick,

    use this site...

    put in your last lmp and it will work out where you fact you mentioned in another post your lmp was 25/11/07 and according to the calendar you are 8 weeks and 6 days and you will be 9 weeks tomorrow....

    your due date is september the 1st although that could well change after scans etc...

  • Hi...just being alittle nosey but is that carly from the yayw website that got married this Jan?

    I get married in march this year and desperately trying to wait until then to start ttc!

    If that is you...have you experienced any sickness yet? Was it hard going with the wedding as well as early stages of pregnancy? xx
  • Hi lixie yep its me! I have had terrible sickness, and its not just in the morning it lasts all day! I dont feel like eating anything and feel constantly light headed, its horrible! I wasnt too bad at the wedding, I felt a bit sick in the morning but was so excited all day I didnt really notice feeling sick!
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