Pregnancy symptoms suck.

Hi everyone,
I am about 6-7 weeks pregnant. I feel sick, sore and tired. I cant drink tea or coffee and its driving me mad. It's my birthday soon, and i wont be able to drink to celebrate either.
Last time i was preggers, i had a miscarriage. So i am worried that it might happen again.
Does anyone know what is the earliest that a scan can be done, so that i know my baby is safe before anything does go wrong? or am i just being paranoid? :\?

congrats on everyone's pregnancy!


  • earlist is 6 weeks were heart beat can be seen hun i had it last year saw lovely little heart beat once heartbeat is detected mc rate drops dramaticly and fact that you having pregnancy symptoms to im sure everything is going to be fine just try and relax hun i know symptoms must be getting you down but it all be worth it in 8 months or so congratulations and rest up x

    Do you think that the mid wife would arrange to have one done early then to give me some reasurance?
  • if you go see gp tell them your little worried and could they refer you for early scan at epdu they should give you a scan hun but this early would be internal good luck. x
  • Symptoms suck but sickness is v good sign you have all right hormones for healthy bean! xxxxx
  • mrsclaretweeze is right sickness and tiredness and soreness sucks but they are all good signs! if your mw knows your history she will more than likely sort out an early scan for you, try not to worry i know easier said than done...i still cant face tea but can have the odd cup of decaff now!! good luck for your pregnancy!! x

  • I was 5 weeks yesterday and am always tired and feeling very sore - have the odd tingling in my boobs and think theyre starting to fill out a bit whoo hoo! Have the odd wave of nausea but havent had proper morning sickness yet im quite looking forward to my symptoms getting worse just so I know everything is OK! These first few weeks are so nerve racking


  • I am 8 weeks and couldn't keep anything down - not even water. If things get too bad doctor can give you something. It's working for me
  • Hi, congrats! I'm 13 weeks and still sore and wrecked though not being sick so much anymore. I can't say it's fun but my husband jokes that if I woke up and felt great I'd only start panicking something was wrong and he's probably spot on! You kind of get used to it in a weird way. Enjoy!
  • Hi

    I am 7 weeks and i have all those symptoms too. Just praying my waves of nausea do not get any worse!!!! Nicki

  • i dont want to put a downer on things but my nausea got progressivley worse from 7 weeks onwards until about 2 weeks ago when it became more bearable and now i only get the odd wave, but it is kinda comforting in a wierd way, i had to be put in hospital 3 times and was on medication until 2 weeks ago, but it will so be worth it xx

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