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i'm 36weeks 2day with me first $ for the past few days lo seems to have quite varied movements! i've been counting them for the whole 'at least 10 movements per day' n he's well exceeded them everytime!!!
Some days though i don't really need to pay attention as to if he's moving or not coz he's either making my stomach bounce, playing footy or basketball with my bladder or shoving his foot under my ribs!!! but other days i actually need to sit down for about an hour to wait for him to move & even then it only feels slight.
does this mean my body's telling me to slow down n rest or a sign that he could be on his way???
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  • I think this is just normal i wouldnt say its a sign he is coming my little girl does the same and so did my first and she was 12 days late i wouldnt worry about it think they just have energetic moments and lazy ones good luck tho Sophie 34+6 xx

  • I think it's normal. I have the same thing! I have just realised today that my lo hasn't moved properly since this morning. A lot of the time I just forget to count the movements and then in the evening I think 'Sh*t he hasn't moved!' lol. But other days, he moves constantly! You just have to remember that they're only human and have quiet days just like the rest of us. Also at our stage, they're running out of room!!! xxxx

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