can morning sickness be like a mild bout of food poisoning?

I have lo of 9 months old and have been ttc for couple of months. Yesterday and today my tummy has been really funny, sort of like having mild food poisoning. Also feel a bit nauseous. Just wondering if that would possibly be morning sickness? I never had it with first baby so don't know what it's really like.


  • Hmmmm not sure never had food poisoning!! Morning sickness is something else though, I've always felt better after being sick and I'd have thought you wouldn't feel like that if you wern't well?

    I'd say the only alikness to food poisoning is that you don't get much warning!! Twice I've had to leave work early cos I didn't get to the loo in time :roll:
  • Hi,
    I am currently 9 wks pg and for the last week I have been sick morning noon and night. I constantly feel sick and cannot keep anything down at the moment!! I cant stand it.
    I didnt hav any symptoms before i got my BFP.
    Is your AF late yet?x
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