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Fish/Omega 3

Hi ladies

just wondered if anyone is going through the same as me at the moment...ever since i found out i was pregnant i can't stand the smell or taste of fish, i've tried eating tuna and sardines both last week and this week however i'm always sick afterwards.

Obviously everyone keeps on telling me how important it is to eat fish etc but i really don't want to throw up again!

i already take pregnacare vitamins so was under the impression that this would be enough as well as plenty of fruit and veg which i eat but everyone else is telling me otherwise which is just a nightmare!!

Have anyone you expereinced anything similar!?

Gem 16+4 x


  • hi i did have a problem in my early stages due to my morning sickness, i know u can get omega 3 capsules but i wud check with mw b4 taking them, i think though with pregnacare plenty of fresh fruit n veg u sud b fine thou
  • Gem i know exactly what you mean...i cant go near fish, smell it or even look at it! I use to love fish ... i know everyone said its good to eat in pregnancy but im not going to put myself through feeling ill for it! I also take pregnacare, i think youll be fine hun so dont worry image

    Sam 34 weeks x
  • I've taken omega 3 6 & 9 capsules for years (dieticians advice) but I currently take pregnacare omega 3 only to be on the safe side. I think if the omega tablets come from a fish source then it can be bad for baby, something to do with too much vitamin a - I can't remember exactly... ate my memory!!

    pregnacare do packs of a months vitamins and omega 3 for about ??13 - which if you go to boots you can get on 3 for 2
  • i love tuna still! but have to limit the intake due to mercury levels so its only occasionally. yummy!!!!
  • Hi Gem24, I've been exactly the same since falling pregnant - I can't stomach the smell or taste of fish. I tried to carry on eating it to start with but it made me feel so nauseous I gave up. Both Pregnacare & Sanatagon do pre-natal vits with Omega 3 and they're designed for pregnancy so safe to take throughout. I've found you can also buy quite alot of foods which have Omega 3&6 added - olive oil, flora, eggs and some breads xx

  • thanks ladies i really appreciate your responses and it's nice to know i'm not the only one experiencing the same problem!!

    Gem x x
  • Hi Gem24, one thing I forgot to mention is that for about half an hour after taking the Omega3 capsules the taste of fish keeps repeating on you - that might be a big no no for you!

    Take care hun xx :\)

  • OMG thanks for mentioning that becasue i honestly don't think i could cope with that at the moment ha ha had enouh of being sick!! x
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