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I'm worried my immune system isn't working very well. Every year, autumn-spring I always get at least 4 or 5 colds. I'm usually fine with it as they go very quickly, I feel crap but in 2-4 days I'm a lot better. I was originally happy about being pregnant through the winter cos I won't feel all hot and heavy, but now I'm worried, last time I got a cold (about 2 months ago) it lasted 3 weeks and was actually more like flu which affected my glands and I had a really bad cough. Now I'm coming down with another one and quite nervous that I'm going to be poorly all through the winter. I already eat healthily (despite the odd takeaway), drink lots of water, and limit alcohol to a small glass a week. And have never smoked. Any ideas? Am I being fussy to be going to doctors?


  • apparently pregnant women are more prone to coughs and colds i have had a cold for two weeks now that is becoming tiring and annoying i dont usually suffer with them, apparently it is perfectly ok so i would try not to worry try hot lemonade and a paracetomol xx
  • U cant try seeing ur doctor if ur worried but wen I went to the dr I was basically told I couldn't take anything coz I was pregnant and to just use natural remedies like steaming and the odd paracetamol if needed. I hope ur dr is more helpful. Kerry xxxxxxxxx
  • i am always bothered with cold and when i was pregnant with my son i had throat infection and very bad cough that everytime i coughed i cried as the muscles at my bump were hurting so bad damn colds xx
  • Pregnancy screws with your immune system!! I feel your pain.. I've had a mild cough/cold/general crapness for the last 2-3 months - it did improve a bit with 3 days off work but has since turned into tonsilitis. You can take paracetamol and a hot honey/lemon drink, and if its anything that might need antibiotics then antibiotics are ok -so it might well be worth going to your doc if you think antibiotics would help.. I'm on penicillin at the moment and in a weird way I'm kinda glad my throat got bad enough to be tonsilitis cause it meant I could take something!

    At the very least - take some time off work to rest properly and get better.. believe me its not worth struggling on!
  • I've heard the same Kia my baby means book says that your immune system is repressed to stop your body attacking the baby (as a foreign body) which unfortunate side affect means you get loads of colds! Hope you feel better soon hun xxx
  • Yeah, I read that about the immune system too and it definitely has an effect! When I was ill 2 months ago I think I overdid it, so I'm going to rest this time, good thing my temp job finished a few days ago. I'm always getting colds lol but when they last for weeks I just get soooo fed-up, it sounds like most of you are the same!

    Everyone just says 'Drink lots of fluids' or 'Eat lots of fruit & veg'....I DO. And it doesn't work. In fact I've drowned myself with so much water & hot lemon that my mum asked if I had cystitis. Lol. I took a Sudafed today cos I just felt shit - felt really bad about it though. Paracetamol just doesn't do anything and it's maddening for me who used to just take everything under the sun.
  • i usually get every bug thats going round but since being pregnant i've had nothing!, and my asthma has improved!
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