Update on baby Willem

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

Well it has been an emotionally and physically exhausting three weeks for us since Willem was born. He started off in Intensive Care where he was on CPAP machine to make it easier for him to inflate his lungs though he was breathing for himself... he also had canulas in his hands to give him fluids and hooked up to various monitors for his heart, oxygen levels etc. Over the next couple of days he got moved out of intensive care to an incubator where he has spent most of his time since.... Like a lot of prem babies he couldn't tolerate any milk to start with and was being sick and had a slightly distended stomach... as a result of this he had to go on a matched nutrition solution directly into his body via a long line... we hated this as the line is inserted towards the heart and they have to check its position regularly with a chest x-ray.... But over time the nurses reintroduced the breast milk which he started to tolerate and eventually we got him off the long line and TPN. He is being fed my expressed milk via a naso-gastric tube and started off one hourly. In the last week he has come a really long way; he came out of the incubator into a cot on 27th December and is now up to four hourly feeds - still through a tube. He has got back to and just passed his original birthweight too which is good.

So far he is doing really well but he still has quite a few tests and checks to go and needs to be able to feed for himself and gain more weight before he can come home... realistically we are looking at another 4-6 weeks. We are up at the hospital 3-4 times a day to do his care (bathe him, change nappies etc and have a cuddle) and in between those times I'm expressing milk.. so we barely have any time to do anything! The staff in the neo-natal unit have been brilliant, we just can't wait now to bring him home!!

Hope you and your bumps are all faring well xx


  • glad he is doing so well and lets hope he is home very soon. take care. xxx
  • Wow, he's definitely a strong little chap bless him - you must be so proud of him! I'm so gald he's doing well, and that the hospital staff have been so supportive. You're both fantastic parents for doing so much for him - all that love and care must be keeping him strong. Hang in there, and remember to take care of yourselves too. God bless xxx
  • fantastic news he's doing so well. i hope he continues to go from strength to strength.

  • really pleased to hear he is doing ok. i've been thinking about you a lot lately.
    happy new year to you! xx
  • I'm so pleased to hear he is doing well. You must be knackered though! Ah, but it will all be worth it when you can take him home as a fit and happy baby image.

    Good luck hun,
    Love Astraad xx
  • Really glad he is doing so well hunni, sounds like you've got a little fighter on your hands. Hope he continues to thrive and you get him home ASAP xxx


  • yay, I was wondering how you all were getting on! Glad that little Willem is doing so well and hope you get him home soon!

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