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How am I going to survive Christmas with morning sickness??

The title says it all really 😣😣 I have tried leaving biscuits next to my bed so I eat before I even get up in the morning... but this just isn't working. Everytime i eat toast I get horrific heartburn, and I've even sicked up the ginger biscuits I had (which tasted even worse on the way back up haha!) 

What are your plans for battling the morning sickness this year ladies?! I will be at the in laws Christmas day this year and I dont want it to spoil it 😭😭😭


  • Thats a hard one Smile, I really do feel for you! Have you tried plain biscuits (like a rich tea or something) rather than ginger ones? I know people say ginger is good for MS, but I really cant stand ginger so made me feel worse! Digestive biscuits worked better for me... 

    Regarding the toast/heartburn situation - have you tried having bread instead? Again, toast didnt work for me when my MS was bad (mainly because of the smell of toast, rather than the heartburn that you get!) but it did settle my stomach! 

    Do you take your prenatal vitamins in the morning? I found that mine tended to make me feel worse in the morning, so I now take them last thing at night when Im already in bed! That helped a little bit because I didnt feel like I was forcing them down when I already felt awful (although I dont know if it actually did anything for the MS, or if it was just a mind trick!) 


  • Eat little & often, do what works for you. I couldn't stomach ginger during pregnancy so my god send was ice (poles, lollies, cubes...sucking on the ice helped stem hunger while also keeping up hydration ). I found that I was sick more if I allowed myself to get hungry, constant small snacks kept the sickness away. 

  • try those travel sickness bands as well, I am finding them really helpful

  • Sorry I'm only now replying ladies !! Had some horrific sickness the last few days!

    Bubbamumma!- Thankyou for all your advice! Regarding the plain biscuits... I have tried rich tea, but they really didn't work for me and I sicked it up that evening 😫 Enough to put me off for life!!

    I love toast so much, that's the one thing that I'm really gutted about not having. But im yet to try bread! Also, that's a really good tip about the vitamins because I have been taking them in the morning! I'll definitely give it ago at taking them at night t instead!

    Kazzie- I really don't know why, but I hadn't even thought of getting some ice poles ... considering I've actually been eating ice cubes and putting about 5 in my water! Will get the o/h to grab some!

    Sio- My other half has actually been on at me for these for ages, and I've been shrugging them off cause I've never seen them and thought they sounded silly! He's gonna pick me one up today 😂😂

    Thankyou all so much!! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas!! Xx

  • Seasickness bands are helping me and tums antacids and digestives in bed, tonic water was better for a day or two but waters bareable now

  • Smile - how did you get on with Xmas day? Xx

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