Redundancy Nightmare!

Just found out that my job is going to be made redundant and will be out of work by the end of the year. Nightmare - cos only coming up to 6 weeks, so no one knew! Broke down completely when they told me cos of the implications of the baby so had to tell them why!

Its so hard cos everyone, friends and family keep saying Ill walk into another role - but cant tell them I am preg and therefore the news has much bigger complications! Worked out if start new job in Jan wont be there long enough to claim maternity benefit - so money is going to be sooooo tight! How do you find work when you are 3months gone!!!? I know I dont have to tell but would feel bad staring a job for just 4 months - especially when I am looking for a senior position!

Plans for new house also have to go on hold - looking forward so much to new family home, everything will change now :cry:

Just after a winge really - so thanks for indulging me!!!


  • Eek! Chin up sweetie and take some time to let this sink in. You and your baby's health is the most important here. Remember whne applying for a new job you don't have to tell them you're pregnant until you are 24-25 weeks so that's nearly 20 weeks away! Keep us updated and hope you find something secure soon.
  • oh LM i'm sooooo sorry to hear that. i think i saw somewhere else that like me, you work in HR, so you wont be needing any advice on your rights/options.

    Could you look for an interim role for 6 months (i know it doesn't help with the maternity pay though).

    Best of luck - i know its a tough one.

  • Thanks guys!

    I think interim is the way forward - just depends on how much work is out there & Xmas has to be the worst time to be job hunting!

    Its just so bizarre talking about something that is so fantasic together with something that is such a nightmare - as if my emotions weren't all over the place anyway!!!
  • oh god what a total nightmare - sorry that has happened.

    Just wanted to say you will still get maternity allowance however long you have worked somewhere - I know it is not as much but it is somehting!!! Check out and search for maternity allowance to find out all the details!
  • Really sorry to hear your news, I worked as a HR Business Partner when I lived in the UK and I agree that I think Interim is the way to go! Definately lots of money in it! Is there anyway your current company could redeploy you into another role even if it is for a short period of time until you leave to go on maternity leave?
    Really hope they have treated you fairly in all this, it is a horrible thing to go through at the best of times never mind when you are in the early stages of pregnancy.

    Liz xx
  • Hi LM Sunshine - what do you do? Could you go contracting? They won't care that you are pregnant and you could earn enough to cover your maternity leave in 6 months??? xxx
  • Work in HR so should be some interim work out there - got a call about a few things today (one is maternity cover !!!!!) and also got my redundancy quote so feeling a bit more positive today! If I could get a new role for Jan plus my redundancy role I would actually better off for my maternity leave than if I stayed where I am!!!! Just need to get a job though! x Could do without the stress though!
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