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Babys head engaged.

Hello everyone.

I went for my 34week check today and on my notes in the 'engagment' column the midwife has never wrote anything there nefore, but today she put 5/5. What the hell does this mean???
I didnt notice until i got home by that point was obviously too late to ask her.
Any advive would be so much appreciated.

Hope you & babies are well.
Loads of love, sophia&baby x x x:\)


  • Hi suzanne thanks for reply anyway, i have no idea what it is??? x x x
  • Hi sophia in my notes it has an explanation of engagement which reads,
    engagement is how deep the presenting part -e.g the babys head -is below the brim of the pelvis, it is measured by the proportion which can still be felt through the abdomen, in fifths, 5/5 = free, 4/5 = sitting on the pelvic brim, 3/5 = lower but most is still above the brim, 2/5 = engaged, as most is below the brim and 1/5 or 0/5 = deeply engaged, as hardly still palpable from above. In first time mothers, engagement tends to happen in the last weeks of pregnancy, in subsequent pregnancies, it may occur later, or not until labour has commenced.

    Hope this helps nat xx
  • Hi nat.marie thank you for help, my notes have nothing like that!
    So my baby's head is not even beginning to engage? x
  • Hi Sophia, Nat is right it basically means that the head hasn't dropped into your pelvis yet. I would think that the reason she has never written anything before is because it is unlikely that the head would engage before 34weeks so this is probably when they start checking. It really is nothing to worry about at all. Hope you and baby are well, Kerry xx
  • It might mean beginning to head that way because i have seen my midwife today and in the engagement column she has wrote no, i am nearly 30 wks x
  • oh when do baby's heads usually begin to engage? I got excited thinking babys head was starting to engage aswell. Oh well im sure it will when he is ready x x x
  • ooooh im glad sum1 has posted about this as i saw my midwife yesterday and she wrote in the engagement column for the first time. i onl;y read it a minute ago and it says 2/5 engaged!!! im only 34+3 tho... does this mean the baby will be early??? kim xxx
  • Oh kim your babys head is already engaged then, whats wrong with me?? i seem to be slow at im 34weeks today x
  • No this is normal for first pregnancies just means your little baba is getting ready to be finally born and getting in the right posistion xx
  • oh im so excited now, knowing he is getting ready to come into the world!! dont worry sophia, thrs nothing wrong with u! ive gone from no notes at all in that column to 2/5 so at ur next appointment u will probs be suprised at how much ur lil one has moved down! xxx
  • i hope so, i bet he will take his time though now. .
    i would be excited too kim, ah bubs is getting ready to come out and say hello!! x x x
  • yep wont be too long now! im just hoping he comes either before or on his due date (april 30th) because my antenatal class is having a reunion on may 4th and i wanna go show him off and nose at evry1 elses babies lol xxx
  • i have not been to antenatal classes, ive been to aromatherapy ones which were ok. our antenatal classes were full of oldies x x
  • haha, i think i was the youngest, im 18 but my fiance is 30 so no one ever believes im as young as i am lol x x x
  • im 19 and everyone thinks im 15 image my fiance is 24 in august x
  • awww!! at least when ur 30 ppl shud think ur 26...thts better if u think of it in tht way lol x x x
  • yeah i suppose, never thought of it that way. thats why everyone stares at me when they see my bump or see me driving as if to say "your not old enough" x x x
  • haha, im lucky that no1 has given me strange looks or made any comments about me being too young to be a mum, but i guess if they think im older than i am then they wouldnt . id hate if anyone said anything - i would most likely tell them whr 2 go! x x x
  • Nobody has actually said anything to me but you can tell when ppl are looking and thinking things cant u?
    They must think im a rite stupid cow and not notice! i just find it amusing though how sad they are x
  • yeh its like have they really got nothing better or more important to worry about than how old someone is?! we r talking on 2 diff posts, i keep gettin confused! x x x
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