i'm 6 weeks pregnant and i wondered if anybody knows if its completely safe to eat nuts. not peanuts, macadamias or cashews. i'm really missing them.

hazey x


  • If there is no one else in the bloodline with an allergy it's safe to eat nuts.

  • My sister has a fatal nut allergy so I've been told to avoid all nuts but if, like yummy mummy says, you have no blood relative with a nut allergy you should be fine.

    Having said that my mum craved nuts when she was pg with my sis, so perhaps it's best to eat them in moderation just to be sure!

  • its hard isnt it...My hubby has mild reaction to walnuts and mother in law to all nuts plus hubby brothers have asthma so i have avoided them throughout pregnancy

    But on the other hand i was wondering whether i should eat nuts to stop allergies forming in my baby - who knows there is so much advice!

    sorry no help!
    Laura (31+3) xxxx
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