.....only found out at 5pm that I need to be induced tomorrow ( today! ) 5 weeks early. My placenta is not working properley so consultant said that baby is better out than in.

I haven't even left work yet, and am so not mentally prepared, and can't tell you how scared I am, both for the well being of my baby, and for the birth.

We had to dash to Mothercare to buy the last bits, and some smaller baby clothes and then come home and wash and dry them all.

Got to be at hospital at 5am and then another steriod injection then they will induce me, but have said if I make slow progress then I will have to have a C section.

I so should be getting some sleep now saving energy for tomorrpw but have been in bed for 3 hours and can't sleep.......bless him, my husband is being so supportive and at least he is getting some rest ( he is snoring away upstairs )

I know not many people are on at this time of night....... I just can't sleep, and everyone on here has been so supportive over the last few months.

Wish me luck - and hopefully next time I sign in I will be a mummy

Sam 35+3

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  • Just off to hospital now.....

    Never managed any sleep.

    I know it seems weird being on here, when you'd think I have other things to do, but as I have been up all night everything is packed and done, and I am all showered and ready.

    Thought I'd come on here as hubby is just gettig showered.

    Sam xxx
  • Hi Sam I just want to say good luck and your gonna be a mummy today!!

    Wow I cant believe how you must be feeling so quick for you. I had my youngets at 36 weeks so a week after what you are now and everything should be fine hun.

    Good luck xx

  • Wishing you all the best hun - hope everything runs smoothly for you...........3hrs down the line, here's hoping things are moving along nicely for you!

    Good Luck xxx
  • Good luck and hope all goes smoothly, you'll be a Mummy next time your on here!
  • Good luck darling! xxxx
  • good luck hun, cant wait to hear about bubba! love lots xxxxxx
  • Wishing you and baby all the best hun, I'm sure it will all be fine. Good luck!
  • thinking of you all, good luck!
  • Hope it all went well.

    Everyone is thinking of you!!! Ahh! So lucky! x
  • Just thought I'd update!

    I AM A MUMMY!!!!!

    Went into hospital at 5:30am and they gave me another steriod injection.

    They then put me on a trace, while they decided if they wanted to induce me. They said that they would induce me.

    I was already tired having not slept, and have to say very scared at this point!

    I was having some contractions and the trace showed that babies heartbeat was dropping after the contractions. ( dropped from 130 to 100 )

    When the contractions dropped to 46 all hell broke loose, and they said, "we have to get this baby out! " and said I needed an emergency c section.

    You can imagine how both me and the hubby were feeling at this point.......never been so scared in my life.

    Within 20 minutes I was in theatre and being prepped, and they started at 9.00am, at 9:07am out came Alfie!!!

    They whisked him away as he had some difficulty breathing before bringing him back to us after about 6 minutes ( which was the longest 6 minutes of my life ) and I had a little cuddle before they took him away to go into special care.

    He weighed 4lb 9oz which is good, given he is 5 weeks early.

    They then spent about 40 minutes stiching me up and I went into recovery. Hubby went into see him and I went upto the ward.

    I finally got to see him at 4pm.


    He is in special care - and they said he will be for at least two weeks - he is doing really well, is taking my milk every three hours ( today he has gone from 1ml to 15ml!!! ) and has jaundice, but that is all normal.

    I am in some pain, but have been discharged - very difficult leaving Alfie there last night.

    Just going back to the hospital now...

    Thanks for all your good wishes.

    I am soooooooooooooooo happy! So happy!!!

    Waited over 3 years for this, can't really believe it's happened to me. I am a mum!

    Sam ( aka Alfie's mummy! ) xxx
  • Congratulations. Alfie is a wonderful name and so pleased it all went OK. You sound absolutely besotted with him and enjoying being a mum. Take care and enjoy it. Suz x
  • Congratulations glad everything went well for you in the end. Enjoy every minute with him.
  • A Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Congratulations to you hun on your gorgeous little boy Alfie.....

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • That is brilliant news!

    He is absolutely gorgeous and you sound sooo happy!!! I am really pleased for you (and jealous)!!!

    Love to you and kisses to little Alfie!!!


  • congratulations to you and hubby. alfie is gorgeous and you sound thrilled. enjoy it. xxx
  • A big wide smile has just appeared across my face! wow! thats lovely! hope your both get better soon! xxxx
  • Sam, you know I'm just soooo happy for you. And little Alfie is gorgeous. I'm so proud of you for being so strong through all of this, even though it was was very scary. I'm really pleased Alfie is doing so well and taking his milk too - what a little star he is xxx
  • Many congratulations to you both on the safe arrival of little Alfie - he is so cute!

    Take it as easy as you can - don't tire yourself out too much or you'll pay for it after a section! Well done Alfie for taking mummy's milk and for being such a strong boy.

  • Congratulations and hope you recover well after your section. Mine was on Monday and today i am starting to feel like my self again. Isn't it wonderful to finally have our LO's here with us xxx
  • congratulations!!! Alfie is gorgeous xxx Take care
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