Anyone else feel like total rubbish?????

This last week i have been feelin totally rubbish, i just wish it would b over!!!! Constantly in pain, feel fat, ugly and terrible!!!! Doesnt help that ive got a stinkin cold and really bad back!!! Been in and out of Day Assesment with pains, itchin and everything else i can think of!!!!! GRRRRR really gettin me down now!! Try calmin myself with nice warm bath but i just burst into tears all the time!!!!

One good thing tho is, my brothers little girl was born on sat 26th jan, 17 days early, weighin 5lbs 8oz. Shes gorgeous and i couldnt b happier for my brother and his OH.

Sorry about the rant, just feel rubbish.



  • Hey

    I know what you are going through. I think for some it's normal to feel like it's the worse thing in the world. How far are you? I have started enjoying my pregnancy now and I think this is the most comfortable stage. Now its the last 3 months I'm dreading!!!!

    EEEKKK!!!!!! I promise you will start feeling better. But if not just know how much that baby will mean to you when he/she is there!!!!
  • only 4 weeks left!!!! Started countin down the days now instead of countin the weeks up lol!!!!
  • I have the rubbish feeling too!
    My entire family caught the winter sickness bug, so I temporarily disowned them and thought I'd avoided it...but on Sunday it got me too.
    I rang the labour ward for advice on Monday morning, cos I couldn't even keep a single sip of water down, had a severe headache and couldn't focus. Now, being pregnant, I thought they'd be concerned...not a chance. The midwife told me to keep sipping the water, and not to attend hospital as I was contagious!!! Having been sick for 14hrs, so I'm hopefully ok now. Baby is moving around like I'm a fairground ride, so no thanks to the mw, but we both seem ok.
    Where is the support when you need it?!
  • I feel like shit too, been in bed for 2 days. Getting some cramps, not too worried as no bleeding but they are proper annoying me now.
  • I've been looking on this to see if anyone else is feeling this way too because I feel selfish sometimes saying the way I feel because there are so many people who make you feel guilty about being pregnant even if it is inadvertenly!

    My ribs are so sore & I am getting short on breath, my skin is horrible all broken out in spots & I feel so fat even though my bump is still relatively small for how far on I am. Been suffering from headaches that are putting my head away & have just found myself in really bad form all this week which I am putting down to the stresses of work.
    Have to say though i'm lucky that I haven't got that bug!
  • hi girls, I could do with some matchsticks to keep my eyes open. 33wks today. Ive been lucky with the morning sickness not had any, yet last night in mothercare he was doing somersaults and I could have been sick. I had to sit down and catch my breath, at least it was in there and not some other shop which wouldnt have understood!
    keep going we're nearly there
  • yeah I have felt quite emotionally low! x
  • I've got 17 days left and am totally fed up!!!! Everything is swollen, everything aches and i waddle now not walk!It's even a struggglewhen i bend down to take the washing out of the machine so i know exactly how you feel.
    It doesn't help when people keep telling me how the last few weeks are the hardest, I've worked that out for myself!!!
    Hope you're feeling happier soon x
  • I have been having a v. easy pregnancy but I feel like crap this weekend. Have a bit of a cold but that's nothing unusual for me, I get one every month in the winter, they dont last long but are beginning to get me down.
    I just feel so fat and ugly too, I've felt like crying most of today. It doesnt help that last night my oh went out with another girl, I don't mind as she is firmly on the other bus! But just feel a bit gutted that he prob had more fun with her than with me. I'm making myself depressed now image xxx
  • I just feel really down, mainly because of work. Had awful day on Friday when someone had a massive go at me for no reason. Felt like poo after that. Don't want to go to work on Monday, too much stuff is happening and I'm trying not to get stressed out by it. Would rather stay at home and look at baby stuff than be upset and miserable.
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