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Not feeling many kicks more just movements

Hi I'm 35+6 the last few days I've had lost of tightenings and not many kicks more just movement, should I call the hospital?


  • Hi. I would advise you call. I'm a first time mum and because we only live 10 mins from the hospital we went down this morning as I was worried I haven't felt much movement - normally baby is a livewire first thing. I was monitored with CTG for 20 mins and given a scan to check fluid and blood flow to placenta and baby's size. Thankfully everything is fine, and whilst I may have felt like I had wasted everyone's time, no-one batted an eyelid. I'd rather seem over cautious but know everything is ok than risk having something go wrong. Call them :) 

  • I should have added at least movement is a good sign, I'm 34+4 and would sometime's describe mine now as ripples than kicks. But I'd still ring just for reassurance.  

  • Thank you I went and everything was fine 

  • Great news, so reassuring for you :)

  • Yes lots of kicks today as well obviously have some lazy days 

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