🤔Help me out with these tests

good afternoon  this morning i took 2 clear blue pregnancy test one was a digital that said pregnant and he other one was clear blue plus and  not sure if it was a positive or a negative which one is correct I'm kind of lost image


  • Take you take both tests with the same wee? 

    So odd for one to say negative and one to say positive. Do you have another line test to try again tomorrow with FMU? Normally the line tests show positive before a digital will, so it's very odd haha! I don't know what to say. 

    It's unlikely for a digital to be false, but it's not unheard of, it does happen to some people. Try testing again and see what happens x 

  • Hi ladies I had similar experience today I had faint line on regular test and negative on digital im so confused right nowimageimage

  • Thats normal, Amilou29, digital tests are far less sensitive than line tests. Usually a digital won't give a positive until you're very close to when af is due. 

    test again in a few days ☺

  • I need help I'm so confused on my tests.  2 digital negatives and 2 faint lines. Am I pregnant? imageimage

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