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Could I be Pregnant ?

So this month my boyfriend and I decided to have unprotected sex. We did it on the 9th , 15th , and the 23th ( btw didn't  ejaculated in me)  but couple days after the 15th I just felt sick , I had mood swings, I had headaches and all these different symptoms . I normally get my period around the 28th-30th and today is the 27th . So last night I had a these cramps that only lasted like 5 minutes and backaches . But when I woke up and checked it was like this brownish and pink discharge and was very light. Could this be implantation bleeding are just my period ? Could I be pregnant? 


  • Take a pregnancy test. It's the only way you'll know. If you have unprotected sex pregnancy always a risk, doesnt matter if he came properly inside you or not.

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