11.5 weeks and no symptoms - anyone else??

Hi Ladies!
I am new to this site!
I am 11.5 weeks pregnant with no symptoms. I did have slight cramping in the first few weeks and was extremley tired all over christmas but I don;t have any sickness, nausea etc. My boobs have grown but not sore. I am not sure if this is because I have put a bit of weight on as I am hungy ALL the time image
I have my first scan on Tues 20th Jan. H2B & I are so excited but a little bit nervous at the same time.
Does anyone else have no symptoms? Just worried I may have MC or something??

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  • welcome,

    the only symptoms i had was tiredness and been sick once at night after eating and thats it. so u shouldn't worry any enjoy it.
    say ur really excited about ur scan?

    postive vibes!

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