Braxton Hicks....?

Hiya, am after a bit of advice/reassurance/kick up the bum if need be from anyone that can help..

With Ollies labour/preg I didnt have any BH, and I also couldnt feel the contractions until they put me on the drip when they went straight to double contractions...
because of this I have no idea what braxton hicks or early labour feels like......

I've been having 'tightenings' of my womb all weekend... since sat morning. They are pretty regular throughout the day - every two hours or so, and at night (as I've been at work and maybe done too much) they've gotten more frequent and more painful...
I have a lot of back pain to go with them, and they last about 2-3 mins each. My womb feels rock hard, and you can hardly make a dint in it when it happens, but mainly (unless ive been working) they aren't really painful, just uncomfortable....
I know they could be BH, but I though BH only lasted a few hours at a time, not a whole weekend...? Its still happening now...

So I guess what I'm asking is this: How long do BH last for realistically? And do I reallyyyyyy need to contact the MW...?
I havent had a show, or any sign of waters breaking, and I was kinda hoping (naively) that thy would just stop and go away... as to be examined i'd have to go to hopsital and i havent got anyone to look after ollie today, OH is at work till 6pm, I start work at 5pm, and the family are all working/out of the country.... :\(

Any help or advice or personal experiences greatly recieved image



  • hi there,i had really strong bh with my last pregnancy and they could be quite painful!like you my bump would go rock hard and it would take my breath a little,they say they are stronger in subsequent far are you?im sure they will be alot more painful if somethings happening but then again could be the beginning of something.sorry im not much help!
  • I've had braxton hicks right through from 14 weeks. They're never painful but can be quite uncomfortable especially if im lying down. At times, i've had them on and off for a couple of days and they've lasted upto 10 minutes at a time. My bump pops out and goes really hard.

    The first time i had them frequently, i phoned the midwife and she said the only time to worry is if:

    -they become painful rather than uncomfortable
    -increase in intensity
    -develop a regular pattern

    (so labour basically!)

    She also advised that it's a sign to take things easy for a couple of days, make sure you're drinking lots of water as it can be caused by dehydration and go for a wee when you get one as this can stop it.

    Hope that helps xx
  • Hi
    I'm 29 weeks this week, so it's still mega early image
    I guess I'm frightened because I know I couldnt even feel the proper contractions with Ollie, and i've got the back pain which they say to look out for.... :\( (they just try to scare us I'm sure.... :lol: )

  • Give your midwife a ring, im sure it's nothing but better to be safe-she'll be able to reassure you and then you can ignore them and get on with your day xx
  • HI hun, im suffering from these too...i get them in the day but not that bad but come the evening theyre every 5mins and creep from my back to my front just like a contraction, and are very sore...ive also had 2 shows a week apart now...! When i went to hospital after the first show they put me on the monitor and it was picking them up as 30% as they werent reg, the mw wasnt to worried and said its likely i have a irratable uterus....! Theyve booked me in for a scan at the end of the month to check babies size and my water level so they know everything is ok in there - she did say though once youve had a baby, your body knows what its doing the next time round, so youl feel things alot more. If your worried at all tho id ring them and go 2nite just to be put on the monitor xxxx
  • Give your mw a ring to put your mind at ease. I had BH with Freya between 28 and 31 weeks. They would be really strong and painful at times stopping me in my tracks. I haven't had any thins time round but I'm only 25+3,

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
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