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are we allowed cough medicine?

am feeling really rough with a horrible cough, rang surgery to ask Midwife to call, but no joy so far.

Are we allowed cough medicine of any kind? Pharmacist would not let hubby get me


  • hi!! I had a nasty cold and I was told I couldnt but I was having hot water lemon and honey instead out of desperation!!
    I did get some buttercup syrup from boots and took some of that as I believe there is nothing medicinal in the ingredients. did a bit of online research too and didnt see anything alarming, It did seem to soothe it
    hope u feel better soon.. its rubbish not being allowed anything. I wont take cold and flu stuff for granted again i tell u lol xxx
  • You can have halls soothers, they are just sweets basically with nothing in them.
    I rang the doctors when I had a cough and she said there was nothing I could take but to inhale steam to keep everything lubricated and loosen any mucus. I just drank lots and lots of water and some honey in hot water (I added squash because I hate honey!)

    Hope you feel better soon!!
  • yes thats right i survived on strepsils too!! xx
  • you could try drinking regular pear juice and eating pears (especially chinese ones if you can find any in your supermarket) . Pears are lung tonics in chinese medicine and it shifted my sisters cough for her when she was pregnant and unable to take regular cough meds.
  • I am feeling your pain!!!
    I have a chest infection and its so annoying and painful! I'm just rubbing vapour rub on my chest and inhaling a little bit of that in a bowl of hot water.
    honey & lemon in hot water is good to sooth too.

    But I would kill for some beneylin right now!!!!
  • u can take honey and lemon glycerine, or make ur own honey and lemon with some disolvable parecetomol in it, but i'm afraid thats it. vapour rub on ur chest, back and soles of ur feet (honestly it works lol) and if ur feeling stuffy some karvol on a hanky on ur radiator or nr ur bed will help xx
  • Second what Siany says! Honey and lemon glycerin (in a bottle over the counter from the pharmacist) is fine (the pharmacist sold it to me both in this pregnancy and my last). It just coats your throat enough to take the edge off.
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