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I've been feeling my baby move about once or twice a day for a couple of weeks now (I'm now 18weeks). The thing is I'm getting bigger and bigger (apparently the fundal height is at least 2 weeks bigger than it should be) but I can't feel the baby anymore.

I have a doppler so I know the baby is fine but I'm still a little worried and fed up that I'm huge and can't feel a thing. Has anyone else felt movement and then gone days without feeling anything? Could it be because of an increase in fluid or the baby changing position or something?


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  • Hi Clatterbelle

    Try not to worry or get too fed up apparently the way in which your baby is lying can effect how many or how strong movements can be, also if the baby is also facing placenta and kicking that then this could also be a reason behind you not feeling anything.

    I've had a few quiet days however the closer you get to the end of your pregnancy you feel even the slightest of movement so i'm sure it'll pick up soon x x

    Gem 31+1
  • Don't worry, I'm 18+3 and I'm the same as you, massive!!!

    i have had movement since 15 weeks but it is sporadic...I can go 5 or days with nothing and then 2 or 3 days of constant...

    This is my second and with my lo I didn't feel anything until 22 weeks and then it gradually built up...

    It's all to do with the baby still having so much room to move around in and the position of our placenta...

    I wouldn't worry to much but you can always ring your midwife if your not happy...

  • I'm huge too but didn't feel anything until the other day. I'm feeling it a bit stronger now but I only feel him at night and nothing in the day...Not sure if this is normal or not but I know movements can be a bit sporadic before about 24 weeks, I don't think you're supposed to start counting them until 28. Had my scan today and the sheet says my baby's placenta is anterior so facing my belly and I'm guessing that's why I'm not feeling much!
    Philippa + blue bump!!!
    20 wks
  • hi all,

    im 40+2 and only felt a movmement ic ould identify as a kick last week!! i got first flutters at 25 weeks when i was in bed poorly. my placenta is anterior, as with some of you guys, so doppler has been very reassuring!

    congrats on the boy philippa!!

    holly xxx
  • Thanks holly image You're having a boy too am I right there? lol tried to put my scan pic on but it's come out rubbish!

    My mum says it's good I have an anterior placenta as he wont annoy me moving around! But I'd love to feel loads of movements, still there's time!

  • yeh i am lol, lazy bugger! aaw did u resize it?

    i wish id known about the anterior placenta and not feeling movements sooner as this stressed me out when i had 'quiet days'. there is still time, these last few weeks have been ace for movements, i havent been woken by him or particularly incomfortable, have enjoyed feeling the stronger movements these days!

    did everything go ok with scan then??
  • Oh thats good then! I have felt a lot more over the last few days, but it is only at night. It's a really weird feeling, makes me jump, but I haven't seen any kicks like some other mums due in April and my oh can't feel it yet. The scan was brilliant & I saw him moving all over the place in fact he couldn't keep bloody still which was a shame in a way as they're not 100% on the sex. But I'm sure I saw the boy parts anyway. lol!
  • Up tp about 21 weeks i would feel some movements one day and then not the next at about 27 weeks it just felt like baby never slept at all it was moving all the time but it's eased off again now i am nearly 31 weeks it hardly moves at all during the day but still moves quite a lot at night (not nearly as much as when i was at 27 weeks) but the movements are stronger now. I think i make it jump when i poke my belly too it kicks me back. It hurts like hell when it stretches though ( it's breech at minute and it kills my ribcage with it's head)
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