another question for you ladies

hi all
i'm overweight size 18-20 but i'm 5'8'' and carry it well
i'm really struggling to lose weight. I would like to hear from all those ladies who are overweight and how long it took you to fall pregnant and whether you feel it took longer because of your weight.
i'm really worried about my weight and that i might not fall pregnant because of it, so i'm looking for ressurance.
TTC for 6mths
hope nobody minds me asking this question


  • Hi =]
    im not really sure how to answer your question but i`ll give it a shot.
    im not the smallest of people, loosing weight is usually a struggle for most people. Just dont give up and learn to accept your body and love it (:
    As i said im not the smallest of people, and the only time i didnt use protection was the time i got pregnant, so i dont think weight has anything to do with it. Good luck =]
  • I am not skinny, I am a size 14 - 16 in some clothes and well our lo was not planned (tho very much wanted) so again just first time without protection really? I dont think weight has so much to do with it, unless you are very very big.
  • try not to worry before my first child i was a size 10 and concieved while on the pill
    with my second i was a size 18 and it took 2 months to concieve her and that was a slow two months as hubby was out of the country on work for most of it.
    and with this one i was a size 26 less than a 9 month before but dropped to a 18, with this little one i had a coil in and was over weight and still manadged to concieve so really try not to worry about the weight to much x
  • thanks everyone that has really given me some reassurance xxx
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