Unsure about due date??


Got a BFP today which i'm really pleased about but jus don't know when my due date will be. If i was on a regular 28 day cycle the due date would be 24th july. Problem is i've only had one real period since being off the pill (excluding the one you get when stopping the pill). So haven't a clue how long cycle is.

Guess i'm gonna have to wait til i see the doctor? Which is also another question. When do i go to the doctors?

Sorry for being so thick but it's my first time

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  • First of all hi and congratulations on your BFP cant answer your first question Im afraid but you can make an appointment to see your doc anytime.

    Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy
  • Hi, I was exactly the same as had only had one proper period. I went to doctors about a week after I did home test but had to make another double appointment so she could fill out forms etc. as single appointment wasn't long enough. As I was pretty regular before I was on the pill (even though it was 10 years ago) and because my first proper period off the pill came about 28 days after last 'pill period' she reckoned my cycle must have gone back to being regular straight away so just worked out due date like normal. I've got first scan on 7th December so I guess that'll give me a more definite date.

    Hope that makes sense!
  • I found that the doctors did not really wanna see ya until you are 12 weeks, but if you don't know how far you are, I suggest you go now. I managed to get a dating scan on the NHS to know for sure!
  • Hiya
    I would go to the doctors now and they will confirm your pregnancy and get the ball rolling with midwifes etc.
    The doc will want to take your blood pressure etc and check you ok.
    After had been to GP automatically got letter telling me my booking in appt and first scan.
    Good Luck with pregnancy!
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