oh dear im a bit scared!!!! UPDATE

hi girls
well last week when i went to the mid-wife they did a blood test for suspected pre-eclamsia well the results came back and she said there was something wrong with my blood (not sure what)

so now tommorrow morning at 10am i have to go to the hospital to see what they wanna do???

so im guessing more tests and maybe induction???? or c-section????
i dunno really im guessing
im 38 weeks today so if they do wanna get the baby ok they can safely????

im so unsure

any advice girls????


just back from hospital it all went well really they did all my checks and everything was ok they think i may have another uti so have sent my wee off to check i even got to have another lil scan which was fab and baby looks so bloody big!!!! the doctor was brill and really funny actually lol he said the babys head is perfect and fully formed etc etc
and he has given me an induction date of 15th may which would make me 40+1!!!! so no going over due for me lol
when i called my mum to tell her she started to cry because it would of been my grandads birthday on the 15th may he passed away 1 month b4 i fell pregnant.
also all my family have been having bets about when the baby will come and as long as she stays put until induction i have won!!!! about ??150!!!! lol
its still sinking in but in two weeks i will meet my lil girl!!!!!
vicky xxx

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  • Hi hun

    Sorry i've no advice as i've never been through this, i just wanted to wish you lots of luck. We'll all be thinking about you and keep us updated tomorrow xx
  • oh thanks girls i will do im so scared of labour!!!!
  • since turnin preg nothin has ran smoothly for me they found out i was rhesus neg and i have had to have an anti d injection . im sure the hospital wil sort somethin out . if it is causin problems for u baby they may consider induction x
  • Sorry I can't give much advice, but I'm sure that your baby will be fine if you have to deliver at 38 weeks. You must be feeling so scared. They might want to induce you or just keep an eye on things.

    Good luck for tomorrow.

  • Hi it is a bit bad that your midwife wasn't a bit more specific with what they thought was wrong as it might have stopped you feeling so stressed and worried at a time when you can do without stress and worries! Hope everything goes ok tomorrow - just make sure everything and anything that happens is explained to you and that you are given options of what to do. xx
  • morning girls
    well i havent slept much i think i managed to drop off at about 4am so i really hoping they dont induce me today as im shattered!!!!
    wish me luck!!!!
    vicky 38+1
  • good luck for today vicky,will be thinking about you.
    vikki xx
  • How can they tell you that without saying what they think might be wrong, that's only gonna make you panic.
    I would imagine it's nothing too serious though as they have made you wait. Fingers crossed for you and like others have said your baby will be ready now and I'm sure will be fine, try not to worry.

    Em x
  • Glad all is okay, and how exciting that uv bin given a date not long now, gud luck. Kerry xxx

  • So glad everything's okay hun.

  • Glad everythings ok hun, xxxxxxxx

    Aimee being rhesus neg isnt that bad-my whole family seem to be, its more common then they make it sound. I havent had my first anti-D yet but the neg blood isnt a bad thing.


  • Hey,

    No words of wisdom on the blood bit but I had elective c-section 8 weeks ago at 38+2 and Evie weighed in at 8lb 1/2oz and is absolutely fine. Anything from 37 weeks is considered full term so don't worry on that side of things.

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