for those of you pregnant,but not with 1st

did you get the same symptoms? did you have tender tum,period like symptoms ?


  • Definitely not. When I was pregnant with my first, I was nauseous about three days before I tested. This time, I have no symptoms at all. I don't feel even a little bit pregnant.
  • i have had completely different symptoms this time

    with my first i had an achey tummy a few days before i tested then used to get really bad heart burn all the way through my pregnancy and felt nauseous up until 20wks and was only sick a few times but this time did get period pain like feelings feelings in my tummy and really sore boobs and have suffered really bad with sickness (3-4 times a day) which cleared up at 9 weeks and had returned with a vengence at 11 weeks and also couldnt hardly eat anything for the first 20 weeks of being pregnant with my first but this time feel so hungry all the time everyone keeps saying it must mean im having a girl or twins but have convinced myself im having one baby and think its going to be another boy lol

    emma xx

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  • I had no symptoms with my first or this one except the obligitory emotional episodes. Had a period like tum on and off through the first trimester but nothing since.

    30 weeks 1 day (at this stage teh days are really counting in keeping me sane!)
  • hi mine have been the 2 most completely differetn pregnancies ever!!! first time was sick twice, in the evenings, and that was it, apart from that i felt perfectly normal, had a tiny bump and never felt like the pregnancy held me back in any way, wasnt even anemic!

    this time.... i was sick for months, have had 2 bleeds, have spd, am much bugger, and struggle to do anything!!

    but both times have managed to escape stretchmarks woohoo!! and got the same crampy feelings int he begining x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • Similar symptoms for me. I had a really swollen feeling, felt bloated and lethargic and sore boobs with both of mine but with my first I didnt really feel that sick but with this one I was really ill for the first 16 weeks.
  • very much the same for me - nausea but no sickness, indigestion, back ache, tiredness but otherwise fine. Thought that meant I'd have another boy but the scans show it's a girl this time - another old wives tale discounted then!
  • Sore boobs were a giveaway for knowing I was pregnant. Short lived thank god! No sickness in either was desperate for 12 week scans to actually see a baby in there as it didn't seem real. This time round suffering from heartburn. Thank goodness for Gaviscon. Have nearly put on the same amount of weight at 27 wks as I did full term last time. Feel huge already! Hubby is comforting by saying things like oh well it'll be a big baby then- yeah thanks honey!!
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